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List of 10 Kenyans who are members of LGBTQ+ community


The delicate and controversial topic of gay and lesbianism is so volatile in Kenya that coming out to declear your status or opinion can lead you to facing serious criticisms and even hate that can lead to even assassination. Many Kenyans do not approve of the LGBTQ rights and the constitution of Kenya only acknowledges man to woman sexual relationship. However, there are some Kenyans who have defied the odds and have come out as lesbians and gays.

Mpenzi Chokuu

This man originates from Seme in Kisumu but spent most of his life in Mombasa where he realized his sexual orientation. He then found his way to Germany where he is now based. Chokuu has been on trends after some of his hot and steamy videso while having best moments of his life leaked. To get to know hims and his lifestyle, look for his Tiktok account.

Makena Njeri

She is one of the vocal member of this group. She is a former media personality who has even worked with BBC. Makena has been fighting to have the gays and lesbians be recorgnized in Kenya.

Brian Chiraa

He is the new Tiktok sensation after his nasty videos. He also came out to reveal that he is a gay and he is proud of it. He became famous after his interview where he had witnessed an accident. He also confessed his love for Andrew Kibe.


This member of Sauti Sol band made himself clear that he is a gay and proud of it. He got hate and love in equal share. He has a mzungu boyfriend. Real name is Austine Willis Chimano.

Noti Flow

She is a Kenyan singer who has been sparking controversies with her sexuality. Her name is Natallie Florence Kitoto and she is a Luhya by tribe. She is dating King Kalami.

Audrey Mbugua

She is a transgender activist who head the Transgender Education Advocacy. She has been involved in a number of cases trying to defend the transgender. She was born male before transforming to female. Initial name was Andrew.

Others who have been open about their sexuality are;

  • Pastor Dvid Ochar
  • Kenyan Stylista
  • Silas Miami
  • Anita Nderu



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