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List of 10 dangerous streets in Nairobi CBD to avoid by all means


Nairobi is the capital city and the largest in Kenya. It is regarded as the East Africa’s business hub. This city is famous across the world for both the good and bad reasons. Good reasons are many and uncountable but bad reasons are few and can be even corrected if good measures are put in place by government. Example of bad reasons is the insecurity and theft. This is common in some parts of the city and here are some of the streets and parts that you should avoid.

1. Koja bus stage

This stage is among the busiest stages for public service vehicles and the matatus found here mainly ply the route 106 and goes to places like Two Rivers, Banana, Wangige, Mucatha, Village Market and many others.

The presence of these matatus makes it a place good for scammers and thieves who take advantage of the unsuspecting targets. If you are alone, you should try to avoid this place.

2. Nyamakima

This place is famous for presence of a lot of businesses especially the Mt. Kenya Business Community. Apart from the business, it is also a stage for boarding and dropping passengers. The matatus that take passengers to upcountry counties in the  Rift Valley and some areas of Central Kenya are found here.

Avoid this area due to insecurity and theft that can happen in broad daylight. There are also scammers.

3. Luthuli Avenue

This is known as the capital of scamming and duping. It is a street that hosts most of the electronic shops in Kenya and the people involved here are good in conning and scamming. If you have to buy something along Luthuli Avenue then you need to get someone from the same place to play as a middle man for you.

4. Kenya National Archives

Archives is the best landmark for giving directions in Nairobi. It is humorously said that the first step in understanding Nairobi streets is by knowing where Archive is.

You can never go to Archives and find it empty as this place is always buzzing with activities. From long queues of patient and loyal customers of Super Metro buses waiting to board, to people just chilling and sitting there like they live in Nairobi CBD to hawkers willing to sell for you to street beggars, Archives is always busy.

Avoid it mainly for the scammers who will come in many ways and forms such as promoters or just some random person selling you a thing or just someone trying to ask for direction. Be careful as some of them are targeting their preys.

5. Kirinyaga Road

It is next to the University of Nairobi and you should be afraid of it because of insecurity. Thugs and thieves can just rob you as people watch. Use this road in company of others whom you know and trust.

6. Uhuru Highway

It is the road that the Nairobi Expressway is suspended over. This road is dangerous for having thieves who have specialized in stealing car parts. This is due to heavy traffic jam that always mars the road. The road connects to Mombasa Road and Waiyaki Way.

7. Ambassadeur

This is also another common landmark where people use as meeting point or as reference in giving directions. Scammers frequent this place due to how congested it is.

8. River Road

River Road is famous for having anything fake that you may want. You can print your fake documents here at a fee and this makes the area a very dangerous place because scammers and conmen use it. Apart from that, there are other streets kids and thieves who will rob you and vanish in the banks of Nairobi river.

9. Gikomba

This is arguably the biggest open air market in Nairobi. It is highly congested and movement here can be so difficult. It has rude mkokoteni men who do not care about safety of other road users and heavy lorries transporting stuffs into the market will make you find it hard to maneuver the streets.

Another big issue with Gikomba is pickpocketing and thieves who will steal you without your notice. This will happen because as people scramble to move,  a lot of rubbing happens that might make you not realize when being pickpocket.

10. Globe Cinema Roundabout

It’s one of the largest roundabouts in Nairobi and it is like all the street families and children stay there. Thugs from other slums are also using it as their base to time their customers.

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