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List of 10 courses that will land you a job immediately after school



A degree in law is among the most lucrative careers in Kenya. Getting the degree and subsequent diploma from the Kenya school of Law is quite a hard task that once someone successfully completes, he or she becomes a very hot cake in the industry. Once one is admitted to the bar, they can practise law in several law firms in Kenya and also start own law firm. You will get readily available clients. There are also firms that can employ you as a legal officer or you can get a lecture job in one of the institutions offering law course.

Medicine and Surgery

This course is high in demand in Kenya because it attracts very few people making the country to have insufficient doctors and surgeons. The laborious nature of the course make many students to avoid it or run away after joining leaving only few who are dedicated to finish. Once you’re done with studies, you can get employed immediately or start your own health institution.


Having a degree in pharmacy is an advantage as one can get absorbed by government in institutions such as KEMRI, NACADA, KEMSA  and many other government health sectors. Alternatively, one can opt into being an entrepreneur and running his own pharmacy

Software Engineering and Web Design

The salary for software engineers is between ksh. 200k to 500k per month and this is mostly with big companies such Safaricom, IBM, and Google. The high rate of social media development globally also opens more doors for software engineers.


This profession requires those who are sure with their mathematical abilities and are confident about it. You can start your own consultancy firm. Other government institutions can also absorb statisticians such as financial institutions.

Monitoring and Evaluation

The course is unique and unpopular therefore there are fewer professionals than job opportunities. This is what makes it marketable.

Actuarial Science

This profession can lead you to government institutions, insurance organizations, and audit firms. There are very few Kenyans who venture into this career making a good opportunity.


Being a pilot is one of the dream job for many people while still growing but only few end up there as this course is quite expensive. It takes about three years to study and will cost you over ksh. 5 million. This leaves it to only the elite class and once they finish, they get very huge salary if they get employed.

Quantity Survey/Architecture

It is one of the longest courses in terms of years as it may take you a whole 7 years to graduate. The increasing development of urban areas and people venturing into real estate business make demand for architects and surveyors to be high.

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