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Lilian Muli Biography, Age, Children, Salary, Career, Husband


Lilian Muli Biography

Lilian Muli was born on 4th May 1982. She is a prestige senior news anchor at Citizen TV in Kenya. Lilian Muli Kanene pursued her education at Loreto Convent Msongari and later joined Daystar University for her Communication and Journalism course. She also pursued her MBA in Strategic Management at the University of Nairobi. Lilian Muli Biography.

Lilian Muli Age

Lilian Muli Kanene was born on 4th May 1982. She is 37 years old as of 2019.

Lilian Muli Family

Lilian is the only girl in a family of three siblings. She is the second child of the Late Henry Muli and Peninah Muli. Her father was an outstanding Lawyer.

Lilian Muli’s Children

Lilian Muli is a Mother of two children. The first son named Joshua Kanene was born in 2010 from her marriage to Mr. Kanene. The father to her second son is none other than Jared Newton. Her second son Liam was born on 22nd July 2018.

Lilian Muli Education

She did her secondary school training at Loreto Convent Msongari. Muli was in Lovington Primary school before she went to Loreto Convent Msonagri. Her University life was spent at Daystar University, where she attained a bachelor’s degree in Communication and Newscasting. Afterward, she went to UoN for a degree in Strategic Management.

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Lilian Muli Work

Lilian Muli started her career in 2005 at KTN, where she interned in the production department. After trying and doing several screen tests to no avail, she finally got her big break when she was sent to deliver scripts and in the process, left the panel of judges impressed. She found her way to the TV Screen.

In December 2010, Lilian quit working at Standard Group’s KTN and moved to Royal Media Services’ Citizen TV. She had worked at KTN for six years.

In Citizen TV, she has hosted a number of Shows like the Famous SlimPossible Show, One on One Show after Friday’s 9 PM news and Fashion Watch on Saturday after the 9 PM news.

Lilian Muli Salary

Lilian Muli is a news anchor, and she earns not less than ksh250000 and above per month.

Lilian Muli Car

Lilian Muli Car
A photo of Lilian Muli’s Car

Lilian Muli Son

Lilian Muli and Moses Kanene have one son called Joshua, who was born in 2010.

Lilian Muli Son
Lilian Muli’s First Born son

Lilian Muli Relationship, Marriage and Children

On 28th November 2008, Moses Njunguna Kanene walked into the Standard Group Offices with a bouquet of flowers. Then, the ever-charming Lilian Muli had just completed the afternoon news brief. What followed was an exciting engagement in front of colleagues. Before then, Lilian and Moses had known each other for about four years.

The couple had their wedding in September 2009 at the prestigious Windsor Golf Club in a white and pink themed ceremony. She officially became Lilian Kanene Muli. The two couples went to Seychelles for their honeymoon. One year into the marriage, Joshua came into the world. Lilian Muli’s son resembles his dad and seems to have the personality of his mother.

Five or so years after Kanene’s wedding, speculations arose that the couple had split. At some point, the news anchor stopped referring to herself as Lilian Muli Kanene. The ending of her seven-year marriage was the beginning of another chapter. The 2014 AFC Leopards 50th Anniversary is the first time Lilian and Jared were seen together in public. According to the Nairobian, Jared Nevaton is the father of her second son.

Lilian Muli Wedding

On Saturday, 5th September, Lillian Muli and her fiance tied the knot in a colorful garden wedding held at Windsor Golf Course. The wedding was presided over by Pastor David Kabibi. It was a pink and white themed wedding. A convoy of six E-class Mercedes Benzes. Among the bridesmaids was Lillian’s colleague at KTN and chummy, Cynthia Nyamai. The bride arrived at Windsor Golf Course in a white vintage car with a pink ribbon, to be greeted by approximately 200 guests.

The newly-weds signed a marriage certificate, but, unwittingly, they also signed up to be a public company. Henceforth, their lives could be bought and sold on social media. The Weavers Band later entertained guests by playing sentimental love songs in keeping with the mood of the day. They then went for their honeymoon in Seychelles.

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Lilian Muli Divorce

Sexy television anchor, Lilian Muli, filed for divorce. This should now settle rumors which have swirled around her marital status like a live broadcast without a sound.

The Citizen TV senior prime time anchor, whose easy-on-the-ear voice glues audiences by the millions in living rooms, married Moses Njuguna Kanene in a highly publicized pink and white themed society wedding in September 2009. Highlights of the ceremony included a white vintage bridal car that was followed by a convoy comprising six E-class Mercedes Benz cars to the Windsor Golf and Country Club in Ridgeways.

The Nairobian can exclusively reveal that Lilian filed for divorce at the Chief Magistrate’s Court at Milimani in Nairobi, on January 7, 2016, citing “adultery, cruelty and desertion” as reasons for calling it quits.

In divorce case No 19 of 2016, Lilian claims that her husband is adulterous, having cheated on her with several women before deserting her.

Lilian Muli and Jared Nevaton

Lilian and Jared have made several public appearances together. The 2014 AFC Leopards 50th Anniversary is the first event the pair were seen together in public. A year later, they were at Kenyatta Stadium Machakos, cheering Shabana FC. At the time, the two categorically stated that they were just friends who had known each other for some time. Well, the friendship seems to have aged like fine wine. Lilian shared several pictures of her and Jared on Instagram, including during her birthday party last year, but later pulled them down.

According to the Nairobian, Jared Nevaton is the father of the expected Lilian Muli daughter. Even though Jared referred to Lilian as his wife, the two have not confirmed whether or not they are married.

Lilian Muli with Jared Nevaton
Lilian Muli with Jared Nevaton

Lilian Muli Spending Time with Ex-Husband after Breakup with Jared Nevaton

Days after publicly breaking up with her baby daddy Jared Nevaton, TV anchor Lilian Muli has been spotted hanging out with her ex-husband, Moses Njuguna Kanene.

Lilian, who termed the Shabana FC chair and father of her second son as a ‘community husband,’ shared a photo hanging out with Kanene and Josh, their son. “Sunshine even on rainy days. With Kanene and Josh,” wrote the controversial anchor.

Adultery, cruelty, and desertion

Lilian filed for divorce from Kanene at the Chief Magistrate’s Court at Milimani in Nairobi, on January 7, 2016, citing “adultery, cruelty and desertion” as reasons for calling it quits. In divorce case No 19 of 2016, Lilian claimed that her then-husband was adulterous, having cheated on her with several women before deserting her.

Altercation with waitress

Following her divorce, a video of the beauty getting into a verbal altercation with a waitress went viral. Later, she attributed the incident to drinking too much due to stress brought about by the divorce.

“I started drinking a lot when I left Josh’s dad. I had moved from Karen, got a new life with Josh, but one day, after three years, I realized that I was actually separated and trying to wear a face that everything was okay, all while still looking good on TV.

Lilian Muli.

“I had a public meltdown. I screamed at someone at a restaurant, and a patron recorded the entire incident which later went on social media,” she said.

According to the mother of two, the incident made her realize how fake her friends were.

Nevaton’s baby

Two years after divorcing, Kanene Lilian got pregnant with Nevaton. Contacted by The Nairobian, the football administrator confirmed that, indeed, the child is his. “Yes. When your wife gets pregnant, does one ask who the father is? We are very together (sic). This is very personal information,” he said.

Lilian Muli Baby
Lilian Muli’s Baby with Jared Nevaton

Lilian Muli Scandals

Lilian Muli is a party animal and is regularly spotted at Brew Bistro club located along Ngong Road in the company of different men.

But she is at most times spotted with Shabana FC Chairman, Jared Nevaton, who is alleged to be the cause of her marital problems. Jameson is her favorite drink, and after taking too many, she hits the dance-floor and unleashes crazy dance moves.

Her close friends are now worried that her thriving career may be going to the dog’s thanks to her crazy party life and alcohol addiction.

Sources at Citizen TV indicate that she once went to work, smelling slight booze from a distance and threw some tantrums at one boss. But she is a treasure to SK Macharia’s station, and that’s why they can’t fire her quickly. We hope she doesn’t one day get wasted.

Lilian Muli wishes ex-husband well as he moves on

TV presenter Lilian Muli on 19th June 2019, wanted her ex-husband Moses Kanene well in his new relationship with his fresh catch. This is after photos of the new lovebirds circulated on social media. In the pictures, Kanene and his bae Grace Nungari look happy and in love.

In an exclusive interview with Word Is, Muli said she is happy for her ex as they have both moved on and are delighted. “They look good together, and I really don’t have anything more to say. We’ve been separated seven years, dear. Plus, why should I deny him happiness, and I found happiness too? It’s all good.”

Lilian married Kanene in 2009 at the prestigious Windsor Golf Club in a white and pink-themed ceremony. The couple went to Seychelles for their honeymoon. One year into the marriage, Joshua (their son) was born. Five or so years after the wedding, rumors abounded that the couple had split. At some point, the news anchor stopped calling herself Lilian Muli Kanene. The end of the seven-year marriage was the beginning of another chapter. Muli filed for divorce on January 7, 2016, at the Chief Magistrate’s Court in Milimani, Nairobi. She cited adultery, cruelty, and desertion.

In the divorce case No 19 of 2016, the sexy TV siren said her husband was adulterous and had cheated on her with several women before abandoning her. Muli said she suffered mental anguish due to the scandalous life her husband led and his cruelty. Muli has since moved on and is currently in dating Shabana FC boss Jared Nevaton Ombongi. They have a son together.  Muli and Kanene are still good friends and are raising their son together. “Moses loves his son, and we are co-parenting,” she told Word Is.

Lillian Muli shaves hair, shows a full face

TV presenter Lillian Muli shared a rare photo of her showing her forehead on her Instagram page. Word had it that in an awful mishap, she suffered a severe injury that left a permanent scar on her forehead. It is alleged that the scar was terrible to the point that she was compelled to conceal it using her hair. This is the reason why she has, over the years, had a signature hairstyle, where she covers her forehead with a fringe.

But the photo she shared on social media confirms it all. In the photo, Lillian looks stunning and younger after shaving her hair, and she once said, “You live once, have fun while you’re at it. Do stuff that makes you feel good.” From the look of things, Lillian is actually doing exactly that. The photo is a confirmation that the beauty of a woman is not in the clothes she wears or the way she combs her hair.

In July, Muli posted a picture of her new hairstyle on Instagram, explaining that her locks, usually hidden by a wig, had to go because they were thinning. “I shaved my locks because they thinned after I had a baby. I will miss them, though,” she said. In the photo she posted on her Instagram page, she has no scare as some people thought.

Lilian Muli
Lilian Muli shaved Hair. Instagram

Citizen TV’s Lilian Muli gives birth to a bouncing baby boy

Citizen’s TV news anchor Lilian Muli gave birth on 22nd July 2018. She delivered a bouncing baby boy named Liam. Anne Kiguta shared the news of her baby’s birth as she publicized the new primetime news lineup. “We have just been informed Lillian Muli has been blessed with a baby boy,” Kiguta announced.

The beautifully seasoned anchor ha stated that she would stay away from social media for a while. In July 2018 Lilian Muli also stepped away from her duties on maternity leave basis. There had been speculations on who the baby’s father was. However, Lilian Muli quietened the rumors by declaring the father was Shabana FC Chairman Jared Nevaton. The flamboyant football boss Jared Nevaton also publicly confirmed that he was the child’s father. Kenyans took to social media to congratulate Lilian Muli after Citizen TV posted about her safe delivery.

Harmonize Happy Birthday surprise to Citizen’s Lilian Muli

10 Things To Know About Lilian Muli

  1. Lilian Muli started her media career at the Mombasa road-based station KTN where she was hosting KTN Prime Time News. She was later poached by Citizen TV where she hosts news every Friday and Saturday
  2. Lilian Muli is a mother of one. Lilian Muli is a mother to a dotting boy of 6 years. She recently introduced her to the world after posting her photos on social media.
  3. Lilian Muli, who has tried to keep her life away from the public was spotted with Shabana football club Jared Nevaton twice watching football in Machakos. Lilian denied any kind of relationship, saying that they are just good friends and have done some business together.
  4. Lilian Muli’s best friend is her mother, who lives in Bangkok, Thailand.
  5. Lilian Muli’s ideal guy should be God-fearing, tall, and fun to be with since she likes being happy all the time.
  6. Lilian Muli is afraid of heights, lifts, or elevators and buzzing insects like mosquitoes.
  7. Lilian Muli is an alumnus of Daystar University. The University has produced many journalists who continue to rule the airwaves.
  8. Lilian Muli’s favorite part of her body is the dimples.
  9. Lilian Muli has interviewed local and international artists’ who include Alaine, Lupita Nyong’o, Konshens, and Alikiba. Citizen TV flew Lilian Muli to New York to interview Lupita Nyong’o.
  10. She is a proud mother of two sons named Joshua and Liam.

Lilian Muli Contacts

Instagram: Lilian Muli The Brand

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