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”Leta Mzungu Mwingine” Dr. Ofweneke sends hilarious message to Akothee after rumours of their breakup with her mzungu lover Omosh


Self proclaimed president of single ladies Esther Akoth better known as Akothee is yet again making headlines after rumours came out that she has dumped her highly publicized lover and husband Dennis Schweitzer who was given Luo name Omosh. These two did a one of its kind wedding earlier this year around April. This wedding was a big trend given the much hype that Akothee gave to it.










Omosh who was said to be from Switzerland wedded Akothee to be her sixth husband after other five men including two whites and Nelly Oaks. This wedding got a lot of attention as many prophesized that it would not last any long as Akothee is know for changing  husbands at will and wish. Others believed that this Omosh would be the last one to settle with her. Among the dignitaries and celebrities who attended included Mama Ida Odinga.











However, according to rumours and news yet to be verified, Akothee has suffered a heartbreak after their union with Omosh ended. According to sources, the two had done a wedding in 2021. A quick check on Madam Boss’ social handles reveals that she has removed the name ‘Mrs Schweitzer’ and replaced it with her Akothee Kenya. It has alos been noticed that she had deleted a too number of their photos with Omosh and stopped following him on Instagram.










Their wedding that was to happen a second time in Switzerland in September did not happen as was planned something that adds weight to the speculations. It is said that Omosh was untrustworthy and is not from Switzerland but a Pakistani who has a family in Pakistan. Recently, Akothee also posted a very long post where she expressed her personal reflections and giving thanks to a lot of friends such as Nelly Oaks whom she says stood with her during ‘hard time’ suggesting that she might have been through a heartbreak.







Kenyans have reacted differently to this development as others are making fun of it while others are showing sympathy and support to her. Media personality Dr. Ofweneke who was the official MC in the wedding made a joke out of it saying no matter how many weddings she will do, he will always be there for her and support her, asking her to bring another Mzungu.