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Lava Lava Biography, age, nationality, Songs,car, Girlfriend

Lava Lava

Lava Lava is a famous and beloved Bongo musician from Tanzania currently signed under the best record label WCB managed by the King of Bongo music the one and only Diamond Platnumz.

Lava Lava Age

He was born on 27th March 1993, and of 2020 he is comfortably 27 years old. He is the youngest musician under record label WCB.



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Lava Lava Early Life

He had the desire and the energy to practice his talent, which is singing; however, he never realized where to begin from. His mom was absolutely against him being an artist which made things somewhat hard for him since she was the one he depended on for help like money for him to attend music occasions.

On the first occasion when he went to record a tune, he was driven away from the studio since he didn’t understand music congruity. He then chose to join Tanzania House of Talents (THT) where he learned music. Upon completion of his music study, a companion from Wasafi requested that he present himself to Wasafi records and he was fortunate to be marked in. While at Wasafi records it took him two years before being uncovered to the fans. He remained for an entire year at Wasafi records without officially meeting Diamond Platnumz.

Diamond Platnumz discovered Lava’s ability somewhat early yet needed to check his character and individuality before endorsing him. Diamond at one time claimed that he wanted to buy a song from him but was surprised when Lava offered to give the song to Diamond free of charge. He did not wish Diamond to pay him even a single coin.

The act softened Diamond’s heart, and so Lava Lava was officially endorsed at WCB following that incident and has since proved to the world that Diamond Platnumz did not mistake in signing him. Lava is currently consistent in releasing hit songs, one after the other, and that is the thing a music industry needs.

Lava Lava


Lava’s love life is somehow private as most of his fans do not know whether or not he has a wife or at least a girlfriend. Sometimes back he did release a song titled “Single” where he narrates how his fans are on his neck on why he is single when the other musicians on his record label WCB have companions, the likes of Mbosso, Rayvanny, Harmonize and Diamond Platnumz their leader. There is a specific allegation by a lady named Flaviana.

He is said to have been in a relationship with a Tanzanian lady named Flaviana. Through an interview with Jubon Online, which was uploaded on YouTube on  August 21st, 2018, Flaviana displays a video of Lava at her house drinking tea shirtless and WhatsApp chats between them. Flaviana got pregnant and claimed to the media that Lava was the one responsible for her pregnancy. However, in different media interviews, Lava rubbishes the claim affirming that the lady is just searching for fame.

On his Instagram post on 7th September 2019, Lava claimed that he was tired of being single. He posed holding a girl.

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Car and House

It is not yet transparent whether he has purchased his own house. On the other side of Car ownership, he’s a proud owner of a Toyota Harrier which he obtained as a gift from WCB management to convenience his transportation when going to perform in various concerts across Tanzania.

Lava Lava Car

Lava Lava Songs

He has released already an overwhelming number of songs, and he is not done yet. We expect to listen to more of his music soon god willingly. He has collaborated with some other musicians in some of his songs, but most of them are solo projects. To name some of the musicians he has worked with, they include Diamond Platnumz, Mbosso, Harmonize, Susumila and Masauti. Missing in the list is Rayvanny who most of Lava’s fans would love to see them collaborate to release some sweet song.

Top-performing  songs are listed below:

  1. Saula featuring Harmonize
  2. Warembo featuring Susumila
  3. Niue
  4. Gundu
  5. Teja
  6. Tuachane
  7. Habibi
  8. Jibebe featuring Mbosso and Diamond platnumz
  9. Hatuachani
  10. Tukaze Roho
  11. Utatulia
  12. Utanipenda cover
  13. Go gaga
  14. Wanga
  15. Tekenya
  16. Corona
  17. Bachela
  18. Single
  19. Nimekuchagua
  20. Dede
  21. Tattoo
  22. Balaa
  23. Ya Ramadhan
  24. Kizungu zungu
  25. Dondosa

Lava’s contacts

Follow him on Instagram here

For bookings contact wasafibookings@gmail.com or +255652427989

Subscribe to his youtube channel here

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