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Latest Ankara Styles From Nigeria Update

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Ankara styles from Nigeria are top fashion trends you should look forward to. They are epic. There are different Ankara styles to choose from, and that is what makes it authentic. The trendy African patterned wax prints feature by itself shows confidence, color, and elegance. In Nigeria, Ankara trends are rapidly coming up, and in each season, different women fashion designs keep popping up. It is, therefore, recommendable for ladies to keep your wardrobe as updated as you can, and Ankara fashion is one way to go. It is modern and gives you an elegant chic look.

As you shop for the latest Ankara styles from Nigeria, you should consider the color, material size, shape of your fabric. There are also some other critical details about your Ankara look that you should give a keen look.

They include

  1. Colour tone: The kind of material should have a bright tone, colorful mixing
  2. Pattern: Choose one with an African ethnic pattern
  3. Design: For skirts, choose a material with deep slits and cuts. This look is mainly preferred for slender ladies, but with the right cuts, it can look good on anyone.
  4. Additional features: To your Ankara, you can add laces, frills, and ruffles.

These clothing styles have nonetheless been categorized in various ways, for instance, the type of occasion. It, however, depends on how you coordinate your Ankara look.

Latest Ankara Styles From Nigeria Update

1. Ankara Jacket Styles

Female jackets are also something that you can add to your vibrant and colorful patterned African wax print fabric outfit catalog. They are designed in different ways which look good on anyone. There are those with a cardigan look fitted with Ankara material on the shoulders, arms, or neck. The look is simple, yet it has a delightful and trendy feel that makes it look stylish. There are also recent coat styles that have hit the fashion market. The coats are extended to the thigh or midsection and can be worn with a belt. The sleeves can be either short or long, depending on your preference. You can also wear it with a dress or pants that match the vibrant and colorful patterned African wax print coat. On the other hand, if you prefer peplum coats, some catchy pieces will give you a perfect look.

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2. Business Look

Ankara has also found its way in the business world despite its colorful and event-like look. The colors that reflect the business nature, however, are white and beige, peach, and lilac. You can also choose a color that you love, but it should not be too bright. This wear can either come in the form of a skirt, trousers, a shirt or blouse. For an official jacket or blouse, you can go for a peplum style with a plain colored bottom. If you prefer a trouser, you can choose a flared trouser or a strait high waist skirt that settles well on the waistline.

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3. Pants

Pants have always complimented each trend that comes up, and Ankara is not an exception. The design is, however, a bit different. For the Ankara style, the outfit is preferred to have a high waist, and the bottom is mainly flared or has a retro style. To accompany this, you can either wear a denim shirt, a plain turtle neck, or a blouse that matches well with the trouser. The color is dependent on your liking. Colour coordination in the current era has become diverse. Many people are thus delighting in the various color tones of the fabrics. You can, therefore, choose one that best fits your skin tone and also the shoes you might want to compliment the outfit with.

ankara pants

4. Beautiful shorts

Shorts have also not been left behind in the Nigeria 2020 Ankara fashion. They also have a high waist fit, and they are fitted to your body. Short designs mainly include those with little cuts on the sides and jumpsuit shorts which are cute. The short look is, however, recommended to slim ladies. Colour, on the other hand, depends on your choice. You can choose from pink, yellow, brown or mustard. Makes sure it is what you like. The short wear gives you a comfortable feel, and you can wear it while running your errands during the weekend. It also delightfully shapes your body in a good way.

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5. Ankara dresses

Dresses can either be straight or flair. Either way, you can include some designs to make it unique. For the straight dresses, you can have sleeves that are bell-like or one that is multi-layered. The best thing about them is that you can wear them in formal and informal events. For the flair dresses, you can have one that has deep pockets, short sleeves, bare shoulders, or back. This look can be elegantly accompanied by a leather belt and some good white snickers or high heels. The designs for either flare or straight dresses are endless.

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Latest Ankara styles from Nigeria 2020

6. African lace styles

Lace adds a neat and attractive look to the whole outfit. It is mostly perfect for blouses and dresses. You can put it on the waist, arm, shoulders, or the upper part of a dress. Lace redefines the whole attire making it more modern and refined. The lace you choose is dependent on various factors such as your skin tone, event, body shape, and your eye for fashion. It, however, works best for weddings, parties, and birthdays.

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7. Swimsuit wear

The love for African wear can now be expressed at the beach. It has a high waist fit design which shapes the curvy African lady putting her in the relaxing mode.

ankara swim suit

8. Latest styles for weddings

The traditional African touch on the wedding gowns using Ankara is what is trending in the Nigerian streets. It has broken the norm of traditional gown dresses for the brides’ maids which have been worn over the years. A traditional wedding in Nigeria is also one that is known to explore this type of fashion wear fully. It has even become their signature look. Nonetheless, your gown should preferably be light and colorful though not exaggerated. You should also consider a floral print or short dress, which makes you stand out due to the attractive look. For most wedding bridesmaids, they go for trendy Ankara with fluffy styles. When they add pockets, the look becomes unique and less formal. The length of your sleeves and dress is also a personal preference. Long gowns are beautiful but they should be worn on occasions that call for it. If it is a dress, it should have unique features such as a turndown collar, fluffy sleeves, or multi-layers.

ankara for wedding

9. Maternity styles

Nigerian ladies are known for their chic and outstanding look with Ankara outfits. Ankara designs in Nigeria have allowed pregnant women to keep slaying during their pregnancy. The maternity dresses are classy, and in each stage of their pregnancy, they can have one. The latest outfits for pregnant women have made sure that women no longer look worn out or less beautiful. There are different designs in different shapes and colors, which give a good view of the baby bump. The clothes are sewn according to one’s desire. It is recommendable that you get colorful and radiant fabric.

ankara maternity

10. Ankara blouses/tops

The hot weather in Nigeria has triggered the wear of Ankara tops, which has been widely embraced by the ladies. Apart from the peplum that looks nice on most of the African ladies, there are Ankara tops with a style of bare shoulders and back. The stunning styles can be matched well with your jeans, some pair of stilettos, high heels, or even snickers. There is a wide range of top designs to choose from. Do not be hesitant to select either of them. They are perfect to wear when you are going out with your friends when attending a party or a wedding. The different shades of color are also available. The top is always very comfortable, and they have that simple, elegant feel. Be motivated by the diversity it creates on your outfit coordination.

ankara top

11. Ankara skirts

Ankara skirt designs are in different shapes and styles. They can either be straight or maxi flair. You can be at your best with either of the designs that you choose. You can never go wrong with skirts. Regarding the straight dresses, you may choose one with a high waist and slim at the bottom. This wear perfectly matches a plain pull neck or a linen vest with some high heels. Maxi skirts, on the other hand, come in different styles. There are those with long deep slits at the front, pockets on the side, or a flower or knot at the waistline. All these different features of a maxi skirt make it a good fit for various occasions. You can wear it with a tight crop top, a denim jacket or shirt, or a plain colored blouse. Both skirt designs look good on anyone, and they lay that refined look that makes you stand out.

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There are a couple of stylish looks for pants, blouses, skirts, shorts, dresses, and jackets that you can wear at different times or events. Ankara styles from Nigeria have been trending, and the look of their designs is one that most ladies have embraced. Therefore, be part of the fashion revolution, and wear Ankara. The look is chic, elegant, and it goes well with most of the occasions. It never disappoints.