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Kush Tracey opens up about the reason for peeling her skin, why she left with the money she spent


Popular Kenyan Content Creator Kush Tracey has opened up about her skin transformation journey from when she started exfoliating to when she realized it wasn’t right, she stopped and started going back to her normal dark skin.

In an interview with one of radio station in Kenya, the former musician revealed that she started peeling her skin about six years ago. Tracey said that her desire to experiment and her choice of friends greatly influenced her decision to change her skin color.

“I started exfoliating in 2017. I experimented a lot. I don’t know why I was so stupid. I used to say that I am very dark. I had friends who were exfoliating. I think my friends had a big influence on the decisions I was making,” Kush Tracey said.

She went on to reveal the huge amount of money that she spent during the four years that she tried to turn her skin from black to white. She also talked about how she tried different ways to exfoliate her skin, all in an effort to get the best results as quickly as possible.

“The first time I bought it, it was 40,000. I loaded them into my car. They were stolen. I went to buy more and started exfoliating myself. It went on for about 3-4 years. I tried injections, pills, powders. Every week I go for one injection. It is 45,000 per month. The powder was sold in two weeks,” she said.

She added that, she was not sure about the exact amount of money she spent on tanning but suggested that it was several millions.

“I don’t know the money I spent. I can’t say. There were times when I would notice a product was lagging and I would try something else. I used to see dark skinned girls as beautiful. I was wondering what it meant for me to be pale,” Kush Tracey said.

Tracey revealed that she started the process of getting back to her normal skin after she saw no point in exfoliating anymore.

“Besides the money side, I started asking what is the importance. I’ve also had a lot of changes. My skin came back. I woke up one day and said I don’t do chemistry with my mind, I only went to natural oils,” she said. When She was peeling his skin, She was in her early to mid 20s.

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