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KRG the Don biography, Age, Real Name, Career, Education, Net Worth


KRG the Don is a vocal Kenyan musician who is always on trend in social media. This is due to his philanthropic nature and how he always picks issues with fellow artists. He believes that he is the richest and most popular musician in Kenya.

He was born on 14th January 1991 and named Karagu Kimani by his parents before he chose to use the name KRG the Don in his music life and celebrity identity. Others believe that he is a Kisii by tribe but going by his name he must be a Kikuyu or has Kikuyu origin.

KRG the Don is controversial and his schooling is not clear but he says he is a graduate. He started school in Uganda and moved to Kenya. During his days in school, he says that he developed entrepreneurial skills and became a Shylock. His parents used to give him over ksh. 150,000 which he used in shylocking.

KRG has been boasting about his riches and he revealed that he inherited the wealth from his family. Other than his own hard earned money, he got a lot of wealth from his family which was a very rich one. However, some people have been questioning him as they doubt his sincerity in the source of his wealth. Currently, he values himself to be worth about ksh. 1billion. This includes his businesses and music enterprise.

Some of the investments that he has are Taraja Safaris which is a sole proprietorship, the building and construction company, Killion Group, which is a partnership. He also owns Casa Vera Lounge on Kaburu Drive, just off Ngong Road.

He began his music career at the age of 26 years and his parents also paid for his DJ schooling. He revealed that he likes deejeying and it is out of passion. Though his music has not been so quite trending, of late he has been involving in a lot of showbiz and clout chasing which attracts some attention for his songs.

KRG divorced his wife after she allegedly cheated on him with a ‘broke’ man according to him. He remained with the children whom he now takes care of.

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