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KPLC Token Delays. How to get help fix KPLC Token Delays

KPLC Token delays

Kenyans sometimes encounter a delay in receiving their units for KPLC tokens. This customarily is not a problem on the consumer’s end but rather it is from Kenya power’s end. KPLC Token delays commonly take around 30 minutes before receiving feedback but in severe cases when Kenya power are enduring machine lag, tokens may be delayed by nearly 16 hours. There is nothing heartbreaking than knowing that you have paid for your electricity but you are still in the blackout. Do not worry too much coz if you continue reading this article you will learn how to get help and fix the delays of your token.

How to fix KPLC Token delay

Is it correct to say that you are confronting deferred prepaid power administrations? Contact KPLC token management through these emergency lines; 95551, 0703 070 707 or 0732 170.

How to Find Help in Case of KPLC Prepaid Token Delay

If you are facing dilemmas with KPLC Token Delay, you can reach out to the KPLC Customer care token via multiple channels.

  1. Twitter and Facebook

The KPLC, Kenya Power Care is one of the most likable pages on social media. You can find them on Twitter as well @ KenyaPower_Care and KenyaPowerLtd on Facebook. You can directly tweet them or message them regarding your condition; be sure to attach your meter number. The customer care team will then respond with the token number and cost paid. Each time there is a lag in processing tokens, the social media pages will inform customers in advance. The social media pages moreover come in handy when inquiring about the KPLC token prices or any other modifications.

  1. Email

You can instantly email Kenya Power Care via customercare@kplc.co.ke to find out the state of your prepaid tokens. Recognize to indicate your meter number and the amount that you used to buy the tokens.

  1. Telegram

Kenya power chatbot on Telegram manifests real-time updates on feedback on delayed prepaid tokens. The goal of the Kenya Power bot is to make it smooth for consumers to access the state of prepaid and postpaid accounts. When you add the KPLC, Kenya Power bot to your favorite chats, you will get a summary of the services obtainable.

  1. Call Customer Care

KPLC also has emergency lines for customers to use in plights such as token delay. Call 95551 alternatively, 0703070707 or +254203287000 or 0711 031 000 or 0732170170 or 020-3201680 or +254203287000 for help with the delayed prepaid tokens.

  1. Visit the Nearest KPLC Branch

You can also receive KPLC token customer care from the most proximal KPLC office.

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