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Kishash Kwa Bash! Karen Nyamu Claims She Was Forced To Smoke Weed


Nominated Senator Karen Nyamu has addressed a viral video of her reportedly smoking marijuana. In a recent interview with Ala C on his YouTube channel, Karen shed light on the circumstances surrounding the trending photo. She said,
“First of all, I don’t smoke weed. I have never smoked it, I am not a weed smoker myself, and I don’t do any drugs. On that day, we were at a football tournament in Ziwani, and the young men there were smoking weed – the cheap ten-bob variety. They urged me to join in, saying, ‘Mhesh, piga moshi, piga moshi moja, mhesh.’”

Karen also defended her move saying that she needed to relate to the youth she was engaging with during that campaign adding that she did not want to let them down.
“Will you let the maboyz down and instead start preaching to them? If you tell them to follow a different path, they won’t listen. They lack opportunities and resort to these vices.”

At the time the photo was trending, Karen was a public servant at Nairobi water company. She acknowledged her actions were innapropriate for a public servant but asserted that the MCA who started a motion against her changed his perception of her when they met in person.

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