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Kindiki Now Cancels Notices That Raised Fees For Passports, IDs To Allow Public Comment


INTERNAL SECURITY MINISTER Kithure Kindiki has suspended his ministry’s move to raise the fees charged for various services provided by the Immigration Department.

This is after Professor Kindiki canceled the notice he published in the official government newspaper to increase the fees, including that of obtaining a national identity card and that of a passport.

For example, according to the notice, the fee for those who want to be given a national identity card, for the first time, was raised from Sh100 to Sh1000, a move that was strongly opposed by Kenyans including opposition leader Raila Odinga.

But changing that action, Minister Kindiki on Tuesday said this: “Notice is given to the public that Notice in the Official Government Gazette Number 15239 of 2023, 15240 of 2023, 15241 of 2023 and 15242 of 2023 in the official version of CXXVNO Number 239 issued on November 7, 2023, and published by the Minister of Security in relation to the increase in various fees and charges for services provided by the Department of Immigration and Presidential Services has been canceled to give room for the participation of public opinion on the matter.”

The minister instructed the Immigration Department to conduct an activity to collect public opinions on the issue by December 10, 2023.

“And the department has been ordered to complete the activity as soon as possible,” Professor Kindiki added.

The Minister said the plan to change the fees charged for the services of the Department of Immigration is motivated by the need to make Kenya independent in financing the National Budget.

“This step removes the country from the chains and debt burden that has become a threat to our freedom and respect for future generations,” Professor Kindiki explained.

So far, two people have filed a case in court against the increase in fees for the department’s services such as issuing passports among others.

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