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Khaligraph Jones – I Still Will Lyrics ( Will Freestyle)

I Still Will Lyrics

I Still Will Lyrics ( Will Freestyle) by Khaligraph Jones – Download Mp3 Audio

I feel like a G
Khaligraph is the only person I’d rather be
I’m feeling like me
Ain’t no any nigga who dared to compete

I’m still in the streets
Am working I’m working and barely getting any sleep
So when you see me on the greasy my nigga
Don’t hate on a brother coz I gotta eat

I graduated to a Benz after ditching the corolla
And now if you hand me a pen I get sicker than a baller
OG sending trance and though I prefer being a loner
And reason why I got no friends guess you can blame it on Corona

Now let’s get lyrical feel like a realer
Should give you a lesson
See all the little things you taking for granted
Are some of the things you consider as blessings

I grew up, I screwed up and later I blew up
What you notorious Luda and Jeezy
When we started nigga nobody knew us
Guess what we used to do wasn’t appeasing

But that changed now they call me bout my rap name
Carry the whole industry on my shoulders
And I ain’t even getting back pain
When I’m back name, got game

This is FIFA rapping
If you got balls lets compete for that
But I gotta warn you my nigga
See I don’t play fair this ain’t tit for tat

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Men I be reppin Nairobi when I step up inna arena
Sound City in the back not to mention AFRIMMA
They used to laugh at a nigga
When I told them I was a dreamer
But who is laughing now motherf’ck choke on peanuts

I’m holding it down
Is something that you wanna know from the start
You may assume that it’s all from the crown
But shit I’ve been doing shit from the heart

Take-over mixtape umeshabuy
Or maybe unangoja OG akufosi
I’ts only 100 ni pesa kidogo
But kuna mbogi italia inaenda loss

Nimejaribu kushinda na ma nigga hapa Kenya
Nikapata wengi wao wanakuwanga madanda
Khali unaroga haraka hakuna kitu unasema
Ka hunipati ngoma zangu ni za wajanja

Hawa ma m’therf’cker lazima watanikanja
Na venye nawaroga utadhani si ni wakamba
But nyi mkiwa maveve miti Konyagi na ganja
My nigga I be King in the city of Wakanda

After all that I have done for this game
Nastuka kuona venye bado mko na madharau
Mnapenda kudick ride hawa manigga
Na hiyo ndo ufala siwezi allow

Mbogi yenyu imejaa masnitch
Mnapenda kukimbilia makarao
Enda mkaseme Khali amejam
Na vile nawakalia niite Pharaoh

As you put my name in the books
In Africa rappers are running with …….
I’m in the kitchen with the recipe I’m ready to cook
So be the tough talk nigga you might hard as you look

I’m only here to get the bag and deep win inna my Grammy clique
Might be the reason why they mad at this
Coz I roll with the baddest clique
Y’all niggas gon talk, y’all know you don’t stand for shit

I Still Will Lyrics ( Will Freestyle) by Khaligraph Jones

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