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Khaligraph Jones Biography, Age, Wife, Songs, History, Career

Khaligraph Jones
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Khaligraph Jones Biography

Khaligraph Jones was born Brian Robert Ouko on 12th June 1990 in ‘Kayole 1960’.

He is a renown Kenyan artist who has had amazing endorsements by International brands like Bellaire.

He came to limelight through his hit song Yego. He is also known as the OG.

Khaligraph Jones Age

Khaligraph was born on 12th June 1990 in Kayole ‘1960’, Nairobi, Kenya. He is 29 years as of 2019.

Khaligraph Jones Family, Wife & Baby

Papa Jones has his mother very close, as well as her sister. She has severally posted then in his social handles. He also has an elder brother.

The renown rapper is now a daddy, something he is much proud of. Amila is the name of her daughter, while his baby mama’s name is Georgina Muteti.

Khaligraph Jones Baby
Khaligraph Jones Baby

Khaligraph Jones Net Worth

Khaligraph Jones is a Kenyan rapper who has an estimated net worth of KSH 35 million. https://www.instagram.com/khaligraph_jones/?hl=en

Khaligraph Jones Background

Khaligraph, who was influenced by his elder brother to take up the art, started making music seriously in 2007 and has grown to establish himself as a force to reckon with in the music industry having released his first track in 2004 at the age of 13.

He grew to be a bilingual emcee who specialized in battling and freestyling.

The talented rapper who fell in love with music at a very young age is known for his lyrical prowess that has endeared him to many Hip hop lovers in the country.

While still young, the hardships he encountered in Nairobi’s Eastland’s made him fall in love with Hip hop music because that’s where he could express himself comfortably.

Khaligraph, who can rap comfortably in both English and Swahili, is one of the few rappers in the country who has mastered the art of the game.

Something most people may not know is that he has had his try at the gospel music industry.

Khaligraph Jones Music career

Jones, who is also known to many as Baba Yao, won the Channel O Emcee Africa competition at the age of 19.

Since then, he has worked with the Kenyan music A-listers, including Xtatic, Stella Mwangi, Rabbit, Kristoff, Abbas Kubaff, Chiwawa, Christine Apondi, The Mith of Klear Kut, Kaytrixx, Dj Creme Dela Creme,[non-primary source needed] and Ulopa Ngoma.

Khaligraph Jones is currently Khaligraph is signed to Spincycle Entertainment.

The rapper who has recorded over 400 songs since he started making music and has worked with are Rabbit, Stl, Xtatic, Kristoff Abbas, Chiwawa, Christine Apondi, The Mith of Klear Kut, Ulopa Ngoma, Kaytrixx and Many more.

Khaligraph Jones

Khaligraph Jones Awards

Khaligraph Jones bagged in 2009 the Channel O Emcee Africa Champion, in 2014 was named Kenyan Music Ambassador, he is also the Face Of Kenyan HipHop.

Superman Song

The track dubbed ‘Superman’ speaks of Jones’ musical prowess and his successes to date. Doing what he does best, Khaligraph, aka Baba Yao, shows haters who’s boss with his characteristic quick flow on the trap track.

Taking a risk, the ‘Toa Tint’ lyricist sings for some part of the release, the first time being his feature on the ‘Kiboko’ remix with Masauti.

A real gangsta, Khaligraph’s star power is tripled by the presence of a very sexy video vixen and white Lamborgini.

The audio was recorded and produced at Blu Ink studios By Motif the Don while the video was directed by Dallas based video director Jeff Adair.

Promoting the track, Khali took to Instagram to announce the new release.

Ex-Girlfriend Story Ruby Song

In the video titled ‘The Ruby Story,’ Khaligraph detailed how he met Ruby just after high school while working as a bouncer.

It was also around the same time that he was trying to make a breakthrough in his music career.

Khaligraph revealed that he was convinced that they were destined to be together forever and always.

“She was the best thing that happened in my life. We were young, but I felt that she was my potential wife,” Khagraph raps in the 4-minute clip.

At the time, Ruby worked as a front office attendant in Westlands and earned more money than Khaligraph.

Nonetheless, Ruby was content to be with him.


But two months down the line, things took a turn. Ruby started acting strange. She blacklisted Khaligraph and even moved from Buruburu, where she was living at the time, to the leafy suburbs of Lavington.

It was not long before the rapper realized that he had been dumped, and Ruby had moved on with a sponsor.

Three years later, out of the blues, Ruby reached out to Khaligraph, asking for a meetup.

But Ruby never showed up for the meeting, and Khaligraph thought she had stood him up only to find out later that she had committed suicide on the same day.

Ruby left Khaligraph a letter saying, “she was sorry for everything.”

“Ruby committed suicide on the same exact day we were meant to meet and this after finding out that she had contracted HIV. She also left me a letter akiniambia pole, apologizing for all I had to go through after we separated. I always feel sad about it,” Khaligraph said.

Khaligraph Clash with Octopizzo

Self-proclaimed OG Khaligraph Jones has spoken on his relationship with fellow rapper Octopizzo, claiming that the Number Nane finest hates him so much.

On Wednesday, Papa Jones shared a photo posing with Sauti Sol during the video shoot of their song Rewind, attracting comment from a fan who praised his progress in the game, noting that such things piss off Octo.

“Exactly 1 Year ago, The OG and @sautisol Dropped REWIND. still a banger, more blessings my brothers ata kama wengine wenu Mumekonda sai” read Khali’s caption on the photo.

In a quick rejoinder, the Ngori hitmaker responded, saying that Octopizzo hates him so much, and he can’t engage with him because he doesn’t know the price of a diaper.

“Hizi ndo vitu Octopizzo Akiona anazidisha beef, but Og ni OG” Commented a fan called 1989yayoo.

Khali’s response “@1989yayoo Pizzo the de king and you know it, Jamaa ananichukia na roho yake yote, aliniambia haezi ongea na watu hawajui bei ya Diaper.”

Recently in an interview on Mambo Mseto, Octopizzo disclosed that he has not been in communication with Papa Jones for the past three years.

“The last time I spoke to Khaligraph Jones was two years ago. I, however, regularly keep in touch with King Kaka and Sauti Sol’s Polycarp because they are real people. During our conversations, rarely do we speak about music. Most of the time, our chats revolve around the state of Kenya, family – our spouses and children,” said Octo.

The duo, who have often been pitted against each other for the title of “King of Rap” has on different occasions expressed interests to work with each other.

Octo even made it very clear that they can collaborate as long as the projects bring in money.

“I won’t work with an artist for the sake of it, for the sake of hype, for the sake of giving in to pressure from certain quarters. I would work with a musician because I am passionate about the project we’re pursuing. I am ready to work with Khaligraph Jones so long as our partnership will bring me money and increase my fan base; that is what matters most to me,” added Octopizzo.

Khaligraph Illuminati Claims

Kenyan rapper Khaligraph Jones has denied rumors claiming that he is a member of the Illuminati. The rumors that Khali, arguably Kenya’s illest rapper, had joined the secret cult were sparked after releasing the Rider music video alongside Petra.

In the video, Khali is seen ‘slashing a man to death then feasting on his raw kidneys.

Earlier, during the Jameson Connect concert at Uhuru Gardens, Nairobi, Khaligraph made headlines after making his stage entrance in a coffin!

And now, Khali has addressed the Illuminati rumors in his latest track, The Khali Cartel.

“They say I am Illuminati but wapi, that’s a lie” raps Khali.

Khaligraph Jones Interview

Interview in Coke studio

KenyaBuzz: What is the story behind your name? 

Khaligraph: There is no story behind the name. I thought it was a cool name that suited me and my personality, and I decided to go with it.

KenyaBuzz: What impact would you say platforms like Coke Studio have had on your journey?

Khaligraph: I’d say it gave me visibility. Coke Studio is big, and its audience is all over Africa, and it’s always a good look at your career when you have a big brand like Coke behind you.

KenyaBuzz: What artists are you collaborating with this season?

Khaligraph: I have been paired up with one of the biggest and most influential artists in Africa, RudeBoy, and it’s exciting because we are different individuals with different personalities and different vibes, so we’ll make magic.

KenyaBuzz: What new projects should we expect from you this year?

Khaligraph: I have put out dope visuals for my album (Testimony 1990), and 2019 expects more dope visuals for the tracks on the album.

KenyaBuzz: Favourite Kenyan old school rapper?

Khaligraph: Abass Kubaff, and I have reasons why I say that. I remember when I was starting out, someone gave me Abbas’ contacts, and I called him and told him that I was a rapper, and I had a song and was interested in working with him. He got back to me and invited me to the studio. For someone on his level to agree to work with me, then it great, and I appreciated that. I get a lot of calls from artists, and unfortunately, I can’t work with everybody, so I understand his situation. But for him to agree to work with me back then is something I will forever respect.  That is why he remains to be my favorite old school rapper. Even now, there’s a lot of rappers who can’t match his skill and his talent.

Khaligraph Jones Songs

  • Japo Kidogo
  • Tonight
  • Juu ya ngori
  • The Khali Cartel
  • Gwala
  • Mazishi
  • Nataka Iyo Doh
  • Toa Tint
  • Now you Know
  • Omollo
  • How It Goes
  • Put God First
  • Mario
  • Shiro
  • Mariga Money
  • The Anthem
  • Dedication
  • The Best
  • Ma Name Cash
  • We Be Happening
  • One Two Three
  • Yego
  • Ruby
  • Me siogopi
  • Leave me alone
  • Superman
  • Testimony
  • Sondeka part 2
  • Chukua selfie

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Khaligraph Jones reveals what bleached his skin

The Kenyan superstar has been attacked by the social media juries who questioned his intentions of tempering with his black pigment. The lyrist has however said that drinking enough clean water is the reason behind his light skin.

“I am not going to answer that question because whatever answer I give, the media is going to twist it and post it something like ‘Khaligraph Jones opens up about bleaching himself,” he said while denying to comment on the issue when approached by the nation.

Khaligraph’s fans and critics had something to talk about after his appearance on The Trend, NTV. Many mocked him for aping Congolese musicians and socialites like Vera Sidika. He has chosen to reserve his lyrical prowess for stage exploits as opposed to responding to news agencies that he views as entities out to make money from his comments.

“I had an interview on The Trend and it was cool but after it was uploaded on YouTube they changed the title…intentionally to get traction and more views,” Khaligraph said as quoted by Nairobi News.


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