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Kenyans whose eyes were scanned by World Coin are having eye problems


Earlier last month, the government stopped and banned activities of a US based company that was behind the famous Worldcoin. This was after Kenyans flocked various centres across the country where the registration activities were taking place. The ban came after a section of Kenyans and leaders expressed their concerns over the safety measures and intrigues behind the Worldcoin.

As part of the registration process, an individual would be required to look into an optical device that scans the iris. This, according to the company, is just a way to identify real humans from robots or aliens. The eye scan part is what caused a lot of suspicions leading to government’s intervention to stop the process.

Weeks later, it has been revealed that some of the users who successfully registered into Worldcoin are now reporting cases of experiencing eye problems. According to Kisumu Town East mp Shakeel Shabbir, five people who had their eyes scanned have reported eye problems and they attribute it to the scanning. This has not been confirmed by any medical expert but the Health Cabinet secretary Susan Nakhumincha said they are taking steps to verify the claims and she admitted that they cannot dismiss the claims as the ministry was not aware of the device used in the scanning.

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