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Kenyans Persecuted in Saudi Arabia Use Illegal Documents, Minister Says


KENYANS who continue to struggle in Saudi Arabia traveled without employment documents, the government has said.

Labor Minister Florence Bore says that even after Kenya signed agreements with several Arab countries, some Kenyans travel to those countries without full documents.

“We have signed agreements with four countries and we are still continuing with the others. In our contracts, we always look at the interests of our people. A person should live safely with his employer, be paid well, work for a reasonable time and what does the contract say about those jobs,” said Mrs. Bore.

He mentioned the agreement between Kenya and Saudi Arabia, especially for domestic workers.

“The problem we see in Saudi Arabia is because they traveled without a receipt. They traveled as foreigners using a visitor visa that expires after three months. If a Kenyan travels as a tourist, after three months problems begin to haunt him because he traveled without a receipt,” she added.

Ms. Bore urged Kenyan translators in Arabia to use a contract that will allow them to work for two or three years. Speaking in an interview with a television station on Friday, Ms Bore said Kenya intends to sign a contract with Saudi Arabia for expert staff such as banks. The minister said the importance of the contract protects the worker when he travels to Arab countries.

She said that many workers have been complaining that when they come to their employer, they are given many responsibilities.

“They are given many jobs, instead of going to work in one house, they are sent to 10 other houses, they are used by the family and the money is little. I also noticed that there are Kenyans who travel using agents who are not registered with the government,” said the minister. Ms. Bore said that when Kenyans travel using fake agents, they lack defenders and remain struggling.

She said she recently traveled to Saudi Arabia and witnessed the concerns of the residents. sHe gave an example where she met nearly 300 Kenyans who were kept in one facility waiting for a valid document to be made so they could return to Kenya. Ms Bore said Kenyans also travel to those countries looking for jobs without skills or credentials to show expertise.

However, she said the government has begun to tighten the ropes to ensure Kenyans who travel are given training on discipline, the importance of working using machines and Arab customs.

“At the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, we have set up a desk that takes the number of workers traveling abroad, the country they are going to and what kind of work they are doing,” said Ms Bore.

This step, she said, will help the government monitor its citizens abroad.

“Most of them we don’t know who they are and many of them are without documents, so if they get into trouble, even the embassy does not have their data,” she explained.

She said there is a need for Kenyans traveling abroad to know the embassy so that if they encounter problems, they run for help.

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