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Kenyans expect a power blackout on Thursday 31 August in some areas of the country


The National Electricity Distribution Company (KPLC) has once again announced a power outage scheduled for Thursday, August 31. Several areas in about seven counties of Kenya will be without electricity from three in the morning to five in the evening. The counties that will be affected include Machakos, Nakuru, Elgeyo Marakwet, Kisii, Kiambu, Kilifi and Mombasa.


In Machakos County, parts of the Katani area will be affected. Hayp areas include; Rhombus, Bluestone, Suraya, National Concrete, Veevee, Aristocrats, Kirinyaga, Mugoya, Garuda, Greatwall Gardens Phase 3, St. Franciscan Sisters, Whistling Moran’s, Harvest International, Waridi, Pine City, Nova Pioneer School, Seyani Brothers, Welding Alloys, Alrabia, Riverpark Estate, Graceland Estate and its neighbors.



The areas of Kirigiti, Migaa and Toll Station in Kiambu County will also be affected. Areas that will not have steam include; Kirigiti, Riabai, Mboi Kamit, Migaa, St. Anne’s Lioki, Karia, Todas Bar, Waironjo, Ngurunga Farm, Kifisha Farm, Nyara, Kianjimbi, Marion Sch, Shawazi, Gulmerg and its suburbs.


Murera Coffee, Whole of Mugutha, Toll Station, Ruiru Golf Club, Shell Toll Stn, Courtesy Beach, Titanic, Green Ridge, Mugutha Sec, Murera Pri, Tumaini Catholic Church, Mugutha One Four, Mukuyu Rd, Judea Est, PCEA, Mugutha Police Neema Est, Riverline Est, Damridge Est, Ruera Dam, Makaburi Village, Wakariuki and neighbors will also be affected.


Parts of Kilifi County, Likoni, Malindi and Sabaki areas will also lack electricity between three in the morning and five in the evening. In Nakuru County, the affected parts will be the Mangu areas and the entire Olorongai area. Parts of Elgeyo Marakwet County in the Kocholwa and Ruby Quarry areas will also be without power for most of Thursday.



In Nyanza South, Parts of Kisii County in Amaiga and Masongo areas will also be affected by the planned power outage. Therefore, all citizens have been asked to pay attention to avoid all cases of crime

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