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Kenya or Uganda? Where is Viral Nanny Rossie Coming From?


Nanny Rossie has become an internet sensation after he video went viral on social media. The nanny was being seen off by her Lebanese bosses and their three little children but at the airport, situation turned emotional when the kids couldn’t let her go.

As seen in the video, the children are refusing to let Rossie go as they run towards her and cry bitterly. An attempt by their parents to hold them were futile as they all broke into tears causing attention at the airport. After this, questions rose over the origin of Rossie.

Well, some sections of Ugandan social media users took credit by stealing her identity saying she is from Uganda. However, it has been confirmed that Rossie is a Kenyan. Some unconfirmed sources allege that she is a Luo from Seme in Kisumu. But what is for sure is that Rossie is from Kenya.

Her bosses took to Tiktok to ask Kenyans to plead with her to return to her job as they cannot manage without her neither get her perfect replacement. This further solidified assertions that Rossie is from Kenya. On her own Tiktok account, Rossie posted about the Israel Gaza war where she also announced her nationality that as a Kenyan, she stands with Palestinians.


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