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Kenpoly products and where to buy them in Kenya

Kenpoly Products

Kenpoly Manufacturers Limited was formed on 22nd August 1977 as a limited private organization. The Company obtained one-second hand 650 tons infusion trim machine from Rest Assured Limited together with molds for delivering family unit things and containers for refreshments. Activities began from a leased stockroom. Having visualized potential in this venture, the organization obtained 5 acres of land on Lunga Lunga Road, Industrial Area, Nairobi and presently has around 500,000 sq.ft. of developed area.

Today, Kenpoly Manufacturers Limited is an expanded organization that saddles the intensity of advancement in the plastics business. By and by, it utilizes more than 300 employees. In the market of plastic items, “KENPOLY” brand has risen as one of the favored brands. The Company keeps on giving the best quality items to its clients. The acknowledgment of the quality items has impacted them to deliver and advertise increasingly unmistakable quality plastic items at the most reasonable costs.

At Kenpoly, quality is never traded off. Best quality virgin raw materials are utilized in the manufacturing process. The items experience stringent quality tests, directly from the choice of raw materials to the generation of completed items. The Company adheres to global guidelines of production; notwithstanding, the Kenya Bureau of Standard’s particulars is a base benchmark.

Raw materials used by Kenpoly

Most plastic-based products are manufactured using polypropylene or high-density polyethylene. The raw materials are mostly bought from Saudi Arabia, South Africa, and Asia.

Kenpoly Products

Furniture Kenpoly Products

Armless plastic chairs: Kenpoly chairs come in a variety of concepts, finishes, and colors. The armless chair designs are mostly are suited for everything, from birthday parties to weddings and corporate events. Pick up your Kenpoly Chair design to seamlessly blend into any environment or event of your choice. The armed plastic chairs are typically for house use and are rich with comfort.

Plastic Shoe racks: Save closet space and organize your shoe collection with our stacking shoe rack. This functional product will compel your life to be easier and is a must for every home.

Plastic Tables: The tables are fabricated sturdy and tough. The convenient setup and affordable price tag are an added bonus. Additionally, being portable and lightweight allows you to carry them anywhere.

Plastic stools: Ideal for use around the home. Made from high-quality plastic to ensure resilience and durability, Enjoy stepping up on your new Kenpoly Stool.

Plastic multi-store drawers: The multi-storage drawers are ideal for storing anything and everything. Well made and handy, these drawers will last the test of time and are the best solution for a clutter-free environment.

Household Kenpoly Products

Plastic Mop Buckets: The mop buckets are fabricated for functionality in high traffic zones, so whether you use them in schools, offices, or solely at home. Kenpoly mop buckets will last long.

Plastic Trolleys: Conveniently detachable and easy to move around, makes these trolleys a must in all settings, so whether for your kitchen, home or office, Kenpoly Trolleys are a solution.

Plastic Baskets: The range of baskets are ideal for storing food, books, toys, laundry, etc. Be it a picnic or a laundry day, Kenpoly has the right basket for you.

Basins: The basins come in various sizes and colors. Now you can wash your dishes & clothes precisely the way you want in the color of your choice.

Plastic Buckets: Long-lasting and quality are the two words that come to mind when describing Kenpoly’s Bucket range. With varieties of colors, sizes and designs the Kenpoly Bucket range will make a perfect addition to your cleaning supplies and flour or rice storage supplies.

Plastic office Trays: Kenpoly’s range of stylish and durable office trays are the perfect solution for clutter-free and well-organized desk space. They come in three variants and in select colors.

Serving Trays: Make life easy with the Kenpoly Tray range. Simple to carry with smooth grip sides. These Trays are designed to serve you.

Storage Box: Kenpoly’s multi-storage innovation is the solution to your storage challenges. They are durable, stackable, and hasslefree.

Bins and Drums: The bins and drums are made to handle a fair share of wear and tear, making them the perfect long term solution for both indoor and outdoor use.

Waste paper Baskets: Your office or study needs to be clutter-free, and that is why Kenpoly has invested in products that do precisely that.
Of the mess with our range of waste paper baskets. Save your bills or files in the easy to use paper trays or simply get rid of the confusion with the variety of waste paper baskets from Kenpoly.

Hangers: Ideal for all types of clothes, the Kenpoly Hangers are crafted to retain your clothes’ shapes as well as be functional in your closet space.

Klip Lock Containers: Tight innovation for food storage. Designed to lock in freshness and keep your food and vegetable crisp ready to eat

Food mate: Kenpoly’s food mate containers are ideally suited for fruits and vegetables. They come in both round and a rectangular and in a variety of sizes. You can be sure that you will find the perfect fit for your fruits and vegetables.

Bowls: If you are looking for crockery that is convenient, practical as well as stylish, the beautiful plastic bowls are the ideal choice for home and office use as well as your outdoor expeditions.

Measuring Jugs: Whether you are a restaurant owner or you simply like to cook at home, Kenpoly measuring Jugs will make sure your recipes are accurate.

Mugs: Enjoy taking hot beverages with the range of mugs from Kenpoly.

Plastic Glasses: Whether you are having a refreshing drink of water, soda, or delicious fruit juice, Kenpoly’s plastic glasses will always quench your thirst. With a great choice of colors, these glasses are fun and practical for everyday use.

Plates: Kenpoly plates have been designed to give your home that distinctive flair. Suited for both indoor and outdoor use, the plates are definite must-have for every home.

Disposable Cutleries: The dispose of cutlery is ideal for parties, events, and the hospitality industry. Easy to discard, the disposables do away with the hassle of washing up after a large gathering.

Jugs: Kenpoly’s jugs are an essential part of your kitchen and home. User-friendly, colorful with an easy pour handle and drip-proof design, you will definitely love your new Kenpoly addition.

Chopping Boards: Any cooking enthusiast will love Kenpoly’s chopping board. Made from textured plastic to ensure non-slip protection while you are working. The boards will safeguard your work surfaces while you slice and dice away.

Dish racks: Kenpoly’s dish racks are designed to allow water to flow directly to the sink and not on your countertop, making dishes dry quickly and efficiently while minimizing water mess and damage to your countertops.

Soap Dish: The soap dishes are ideal for storing soaps, keeping your bathroom surfaces free from soap residue as well as add a little color and style to the room.

Funnels: Kenpoly funnels come in a variety of sizes and colors and are fabricated with filters to make sure that you pour your liquids without contaminants. Kenpoly funnels are an essential product for everyday living, and we recommend that you get one today.

Dust Pans: Perhaps the most significant invention next to the vacuum; luckily, they never break down and don’t need the power to run. Kenpoly’s dustpans are uniquely designed with exact angled edges and ergonomic handles, which makes them easy to use and comfortable on the grip and back.

Kenpoly Products for Kids

Furniture: The chairs, tables, and desks are designed with your little ones in mind. These are light and easy to move around yet durable to handle the tumbles of everyday play.

Lunch Box: The lunch boxes will keep your kids’ food fresh and delicious. With fun styles and little compartments, the lunch boxes will make your child’s break time fun. Great for school, picnics, and playdates.

Juice Bottles: One glance and your child will have their heart set on Kenpoly’s juice bottle range. The bottles are designed to make sure that they stay drip-free all day and are easy to wash and refill. Durable and quality tested, they will keep working for you year-round.

Baby Products: The baby products include cups for babies, milk bottles for babies, Potties, Bathing basins for babies, etc. Your infants’ confidence is directly related to their success later in life. This is why Kenpoly is geared towards designing and manufacturing only the best and safest products for your babies and toddlers.

 Industrial Kenpoly Products

Industrial Buckets: These buckets boast of having sealable lids thus can hold liquids such as paint without drying up.

Storage racks: Enjoy the convenience of having an organized working area. The racks are available in varied sizes, colors, and are designed to be stacked, thus saving much-needed space.

Safety Helmets: Kenpoly’s helmets are designed for the heavy construction industry, created to protect the head from falling objects, lousy weather, and electric shock. These helmets are intentionally fabricated for strength and comfort. They can also be trademarked with your logo.

Crates: Kenpoly’s crates are available for a wide range of applications in various sectors of the food and beverage industries. Designed to meet industry requirements and available in a diverse range allowing Kenpoly’s crates set standard for efficient storage and transportation of your products.

Garden Kenpoly Products

Flower Pots: Made from high-quality plastic, Kenpoly’s planters are sturdy and robust with quality unmatched to any other product in the market, making them ideal for your garden or greenhouse.

Flower buckets: For keeping fresh flowers that you love that much.

 Poultry Kenpoly Products

Drinkers and feeders: Kenpoly feeds are designed for the poultry and farming industries. We understand that when running a business, purchasing quality products at affordable prices is vital, and with Kenpoly feeds, you get precisely that.

Plastic egg trays: You want a durable egg tray for your poultry farm or your shop, well Kenpoly designs solid plastic egg trays to accommodate all of your eggs.

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Kenpoly Export Market

Kenpoly exports its products to all the east African countries as Uganda, Burundi, Tanzania and Rwanda and in addition, it also exports to the Democratic Republic of Congo and Ethiopia.

Where to Buy Kenpoly Products

Kenpoly Products are available in the following Supermarkets: All Naivas supermarkets, all Khetia’s supermarkets, Nakumatt supermarkets, Choppies Supermarkets, Tumaini supermarkets, Kassmatt supermarkets, Tuskys Supermarkets, Cleanshelf supermarkets, and Mathai Supermarkets. In short Kenpoly products are available in almost all the supermarkets in Kenya. The products are also available at Kamukunji market in Nairobi and Kibuye market in Kisumu. You can also buy Kenpoly products directly from Kenpoly Manufacturers Limited company located at Lunga Lunga road industrial area, that is if you buy in bulk. Kenpoly also has an online store on Jumia so you can order their products from Jumia here.

Kenpoly Contacts

Kenpoly Manufacturers Limited,
Plot No.30 Lunga Lunga Road, Industrial Area.
P O Box 30032 – 00100 GPO
Nairobi, Kenya
Phone Number
+254 709-956789
Email address


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