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Kennedy Rapudo biography, age, date of birth, eductaion, tribe, career, net worth


Kennedy Rapudo is a great person who has built a name for himself in business and beyond. He has attracted the attention of both fans and doubters due to his huge net worth and diversified collection of abilities. Behind the glitz and intrigue, though, is a guy whose passion and desire have carried him to unprecedented heights.

Date of birth and Education

Kennedy Rapudo, born on January 1, 1985, grew up with a strong desire to succeed. He had a high intelligence and an instinctive business drive from a young age. He is a Luo by tribe.

Although oher details on his primsry and secondary education are missing, he is a grautae with a degree in International Relations. He began on a trip to carve out his own career in the corporate world after finishing his study in international relations.


Kennedy Rapudo is little known, but according to his LinkedIn profile, he presently works as a researcher at AMREF Kenya. He is also well-known for his strong entrepreneurial drive and participation in a variety of commercial enterprises.


He is married to socialite Faith Makau, also known as Amber Ray, and they have a daughter named Africanah. Rapudo had a very low social media presence before going public with his connection with Amber Ray, talking with only a few fans and friends. Their connection, however, altered the dynamics, garnering attention and fueling conjecture about their riches.

Money Laundering Allegations

In the middle of the flash and splendor, questions were raised regarding the authenticity of Kennedy Rapudo and Amber Ray’s fortune. In an Instagram video, Amber Ray’s son, Gavin, expressed amazement at his stepfather’s lack of visible work-related activities.

The footage forced Amber Ray to address Rapudo’s charges of money laundering. She disclosed that her spouse had been suspected of money laundering, raising suspicions about the source of their income. Rapudo, on the other hand, defended himself against the charges, claiming that he has employed people to work for him and dismissing stories spread by idle gossipers.

Rapudo fake lifestyle

In January 2023, reports of Kennedy Rapudo living a phony lifestyle and suspicions about his fortune appeared. On a local blogger’s Telegram group, claims were made that the Range Rover he drives belonged to an old woman. Kennedy wrote a letter to the haters who were harassing his family on Instagram.

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