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KCB Online Banking Registration Process- KCB Bank

KCB Online Banking Registration

Internet banking is the latest pattern of banking not only in Kenya but in the world at large, thanks to the progress in technology. If you want to experience the many awards and comfort that come with internet banking, then it is high time you move your bank account to the online system. The great news is that this process is as simple as it sounds. For KCB Bank accounts holders, hereinafter is a manageable and step by step guide on how to go about KCB Online Banking Registration.

How to register KCB online banking: KCB Online Banking Registration

KCB internet banking has many benefits. If you do not have an online account, you have no reason whatsoever to remain behind since this process is not only simple but also costs you nothing. To register for an account below are the steps you will need to follow.

Step 1: Visit the nearest KCB Bank

Since KCB online banking gives you the convenience, to register for an account you need to be at a bank physically. The main reason behind this is because you are required to provide your details and also authenticate your account.

Step 2: Fill in the KCB online application form

Just like opening an account you are required to fill out the i-Bank application form. You can either download the form from KCB’s online platform or fill one provided by the bank.

Step 3: Submit

Once you have completed the KCB online registration form, submit it to the bank for review. After the analysis of your details, the bank will process the application and send it back to you with a User ID and a four-digit personal identification number. It is with these details that you will log in and set up your account.

How to log in and set up your KCB i-Bank

After your account is approved and you have received a user ID and a pin, the next step you are required to do is log in and set up your account.

First and foremost, proceed to KCB’s official website: www.kcbbankgroup.com

Go to select your country option then scroll to the Internet Banking section

Alternatively, you can key in the i-Banking URL on your browser https://onlinebanking.kcbbankgroup.com and launch it automatically.

To log in to your online baking account, key in the six digits ID provided to you by the bank, add a unique ID generated by you and lastly offered your national ID number if you are migrating from an i-Banking platform.

Key in the password sent to you then complete the process by clicking Enter.

For personal KCB online account opening, you will need to go further and select ‘SEND ME A TAN’

Here, a six-digit will generate and become sent via SMS. Enter the TAN six-digit number at the ‘INSERT TAN’ area and click on the ‘ENTER’ tab to complete the process.

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How to change your KCB i-Bank password: KCB Online Banking Registration

To make your KCB bank accounts secure, you need to change your password and select one that is unique and hack-proof. To do this

  1. Go to the menu option and select “USER TOOLS.”
  2. Scroll to Change Password
  3. Follow the outline provided on how to set your secure password
  4. Complete the process by clicking on submit and wait for an email or text or both confirming that your password change was successful and you have set a new password. If you receive such communication on your mail or text without your consent, report immediately since this is evidence of a hack.

Setting up security questions to reset your i-Bank password

Another thing you need to pay attention to your KCB online banking registration is this. Since a unique and secure password is one of the foolproof ways of protecting your account, you still need to reinforce your account with security questions. These questions are also important when it comes to resetting your account password. From a section of fifteen questions provided on the KCB online banking platform, select at least five items and answer them truthfully.

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