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Kamene Goro Addresses Claims That She’s A Husband Snatcher


Former KISS FM radio host has dismissed claims that she is a husband snatcher. On her YouTube channel the radio siren recounted how women used to call and insult her. One of the people who did that was DJ Bonez’s baby mama who accused her of being a home wrecker.

She disputed the claims that she is a homewrecker. “I am not a husband snatcher. We just fell in love…it was not planned. Walikuwa wananipigia tukiwa Kiss FM and you know on radio, the calls aren’t live, they are recorded. Walikuwa wananitukana. And they used to come like a million of them,”
Goro also remembered taking Bones from a woman who was asking for an IPhone.

According to Kamene, the woman had too many demands.
“Kwanza kuna mwingine nilipiga slide clean. Aliitisha iPhone msee akamuuliza really. Mimi nikakuja tu nikasema just take me as I am. Next thing, dem akoana tu Kamene popping champagne, akaona huyu dem anahang out na huyu msee wangu sana. He didn’t even tell her, he ghosted her. Ndio maana nilikupick…,” Kamene said.

DJ Bones on the other hand clarified claims that he had been married before.He admitted to the fact that he has a baby mama who he dated for two years but did not marry and only ended up marrying Kamene.

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