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Jowie Irungu Makes Public Appearance Months After Going Into Hiding Following Monica Kimani Murder


VVIP protection expert Jowie Irungu was an outgoing character who was full of life way before he was implicated in the murder of South Sudan based business lady Monica Kimani.

Then, the bubbly Jowie Irungu could be spotted all over.

From countless social media posts to incessant appearances at different social gatherings, Jowie Irungu was the life of the party.

However, Jowie Irungu slowly wiped out his presence from social media and even stopped attending various events he was used to after he was marked as the main suspect in Monica Kimani’s murder case.

Jowie Irungu had taken a break from social media. Photo: Jowie Irungu Official/Instagram.

RALINGO.com understands Jowie Irungu took a sudden sabbatical leave from social media and public appearances as the murder case proceeded.

Well, Jowie Irungu recently make a comeback on social media in a move that excited his fans and followers online.

The former military guy was recently spotted at a Nairobi wet hole where he had attended a reggae event hosted by DJ Moh of Moh Spice.

Jowie Irungu seems to have had a moment of his lifetime at the event.

The lad, through his Instagram page posted a photo of himself hanging out with DJ Moh during the event as he announced his cameo.

Looking at the photo, one can clearly tell Jowie Irungu looks happy and relieved despite the quandaries facing him.

Jowie Irungu was recently spotted at a Nairobi club. Photo: Jowie Irungu Official/Instagram.

Jowie Irungu’s comeback on social media excited his followers especially ladies who confirmed they had missed him dearly.

Jowie Irungu and his ex-lover journalist Jacque Maribe were to know their fate on October 6, 2023, in their ongoing trial in which they are accused of killing businesswoman Monica Kimani who was found murdered at her Nairobi home in September 2018.

The verdict was to be delivered on the aforementioned date following after the defense handed in their final submissions.

“We have come to the end of trial; your lawyers have rested their case. the decision of the matter will be delivered on October 6, 2023,” Trial Judge Grace Nzioka said.

Jowie Irungu and Maribe, had through their lawyers, asked the court to acquit them saying that the prosecution had failed to prove beyond reasonable doubt that they are culpable of killing Monica Kimani who was found brutally murdered at her home in Lamuria Gardens.

The High Court postponed the judgment of the Monica Kimani murder case in which Jackie Maribe and her ex-fiancé Jowie Irungu were in trial.

Jacque Maribe and Jowie Irungu are suspects in the Monica Kimani’s murder. Photo: Citizen Digital.

The verdict was expected to be delivered on Friday, October 6, but the court rescheduled it to December 15, 2023.

Justice Grace Nzioka, who was to deliver the judgment on whether Maribe and Jowie were guilty of the murder or not, said she had been taken ill.

Jowie and Maribe are charged with the murder of Monica Kimani, who was found dead at her Nairobi home in September 2018.

The case has been in the public eye since it was first reported, and many Kenyans have been following it closely.

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