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Jovial Biography: Age, Songs, Boyfriend, Music Career, News

Jovial Biography

Jovial Biography. Juliet Miriam Ayub was born in the coastal town in Mombasa and raised by a single parent who remains her biggest inspiration. Jovial is an entertainer, Vocalist, recording and performing artist.

Jovial Biography: How she got the name Jovial

”The name Jovial started way back in primary school. My teachers used to describe me as a jovial person because I was always happy, laughing, making friends and rarely get upset. Thus, the name Jovial. I still believe I am that person, she says.


Age and Year of Birth

In the year 2017, Jovial was 25 years old which means in 2019, she is 27 years old which also makes us confirm that she was born in the year 1992.

Jovial Biography: Music Journey

“My earliest musical influence was my mother. I used to admire her when she was singing in the church choir and this is how she inspired me to start singing. As a single mother, she used to sing whether in high or low spirits and it consoled her. As they say, music soothes the soul. It still comforts me even as I mourn her loss. Music gives me the strength to face another day.

From home, Jovial would continue singing in school and her talent shone through. “I was in class six in my primary school years when I started singing at my local church and in the school choir. I was the lead singer and our school participated in music festival competitions across Mombasa town.”

Since then, Jovial has come a long way and her style has evolved. Though currently living and performing in Nairobi, her roots in Mombasa continue to define her art.

Style of Music

“My style of music is Afro-Fusion with a twist of Zouk and R&B. I love singing in the Swahili language as I feel comfortable and this way I can express myself well to and I also believe it defines my true identity as a Kenyan, says Jovial whose name is almost as old as she is.

Jovial Biography: Lessons she has learned from the Music Industry

“In this music industry, I have learned that not everyone who purports to help has the best of interest or intention in their hearts. Some will use you for their benefits or support their agendas. I have learned to choose my friends wisely and being careful. Of course, I have made many new friends and hope to make even many more and through this, create more good music.

Future Plan

“My plan is to pursue my music career to the fullest. I am glad I have such a wonderful team working with me and we plan to release more hits and collaborate with more artists in the future. I must admit though, it’s not easy starting as an artist in the music industry, good music certainly isn’t cheap to record and produce.

Jovial Biography: Car Gift from Otile Brown

Otile Brown signed Jovial under his record label and even went ahead to buy a brand new car for her. In a video and pictures shared by Otile, he captioned them saying that he had blessed her with the small car to help her with movement around the city.

After only two months of working with Otile Brown, Jovial left Otile Brown’s record label and is currently under new management.

Reason for Jovial’s fallout with Otile Brown

Although Jovial has not commented on her departure from the record label, her manager, David Guoro explained that the singer had a misunderstanding with her management, resulting in her exit.

David went on to explain that Jovial was under new management and will be releasing new projects. The sultry songbird and Otile Brown have released two songs together; Zichune and Amor which were received well, judging from the YouTube views.


Jovial Biography: Songs

Pita Nawe
Amor ft Otile Brown
Unakosa Raha
Dekeza ft Arrow bwoy
Zichune ft Otile Brown
Niache Niende


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