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Joeboy Biography, Age, Education, Music Career


The topic we shall be looking into today is titled Joeboy Biography. “Joeboy” is no doubt one of the fast-rising Nigerian singers today whose career has great potentials, and he is currently giving other Nigerian singers a run for their money in the Nigeria Music industry.


We are going to officially introduce you to a fast-rising Nigeria singer who we are all looking out for right now because he got great talent, and there are indications that he has come to stay in the Nigeria music industry. His name is Joeboy. We shall be using this opportunity to reveal everything about him, including his date of birth, his real age, his family and educational background, career, style, record label, songs, net worth, and more.

Joeboy Real name

Born Joseph Akinfenwa Donus, better know by his stage name “Joeboy,” is a Nigerian singer and songwriter. The talented singer does basically any genre of music(Afro-pop/trap/R&B) but must have a blend of the African sound. The handsome singer dripping with talent is the first beneficiary for the @mreazi empawa Africa program. Three days ago, Mr. Eazi shared an Apple music chat ranking where Joeboy had two of his recent songs occupying number 2 and five on the list.

There is no doubt about it, Joeboy is one of the fast-rising new artists that are moving towards the limelight in the Nigerian music industry. His genre is that of Afro-pop and R&B, he one of the most respected versatile singer in Nigeria today and he is enjoying the best moments of this music

How he got the name Joeboy

Well, it’s actually a high school nickname, my name is Joseph, but my peeps kept calling me Joeboy and the name stuck.

Genre of Music

Basically, I make any genre, but it must have a spark of African techno sound, so anyone that hears it anywhere would be like yes, this boy is from Africa.

Biggest Break

My most significant break so far was when my shape of you cover blew up. That was when I started my music career officially.

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Early Life, Education, And Career

Joseph Akinfenwa Donus, aka Joeboy, was born on the 21st day of May 1997 in Lagos State, Nigeria. The handsome singer is one of the new artists that are fast rising to limelight in the Nigeria music industry. He studied Studied at the University of Lagos (UNILAG), where he bagged a degree in Human Resource.

Joeboy grew up in a musical family; his older brother was in the choir, and his dad played the keyboard in church. According to him, he was inspired by the likes of 9ice and ID Cabasa, whom he used to hang out within the studio. He officially started singer at the age of 16 and recorded his first song “Gbeseyin,” an Afrobeat tune, at the age of 17.

His career had a significant boost when he released Ed Sheeran ‘Shape of You’ cover, which was well-received both in Nigeria and across the globe. The song also brought him to the limelight, which made Mr. Eazi discovered him and offered provisional mentor-ship. It is agreeable that Joeboy is one of the talented Nigerian artistes with fantastic vocals and stylish music attitude presently. He has gone further to release some couple of songs to his credit, including “Baby Baby” and the most recent one, Beginning.

Joeboy is currently signed into Mr. Eazi’s “Banku” music and is estimated to worth ₦2 million. We are very sure that he is going to become one of the most celebrated and most prosperous Nigerian artistes in the nearest future.

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Interview: Joeboy On Blowing Up and His New ‘Love & Light’ EP

In an exclusive interview with OkayAfrica, Nigeria’s buzzing artist Joeboy reveals the details and cover artwork for his debut EP, Love & Light, and talks about his massive year.

2019 has been a dream year for Joeboy.

With just two singles—the hugely popular “Baby” and “Beginning”—the newcomer artist has managed to become one of the most talked-about names bubbling out of the Nigerian music scene. Joeboy has also become a poster child for the vast potential that Mr. Eazi’s emPawa initiative can bring to new African artists.

As a member of emPawa’s initial class, Joeboy used the investment money he gained to film a music video for “Baby,” which went on to get 16 million Youtube plays and launched the single to No. 1 spots across Nigeria and Uganda on Apple Music. “Beginning” followed and had an equally significant impact as it reached No. 1 in Apple Music Nigeria and Uganda, as well as the top 10 spots in Kenya, Ghana, and Zimbabwe.

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Joeboy is now readying the release of his debut EP, Love & Light, due November 8, from which he’s now sharing its lead single “Don’t Call Me Back” featuring Mayorkun.

We sat down with Joeboy to speak about his debut EP and the massive year he’s had.

Joeboy, you’ve had a huge year with “Baby” and “Beginning” doing so well. How has the reception of those singles felt to you? Were you expecting this type of reception?

The reception has been incredible. What was I expecting from them? The type of person I am, I like to do my best all of the time. The last thing I had before that was “Faaji” featuring Mr. Eazi, and when I dropped “Baby,” I thought I would like it to do way more than what “Faaji” did. But I didn’t expect “Baby” to come this far. “Baby” is one of the most prominent African songs this year, charted in so many African countries. “Beginning” is currently one of the top songs in Nigeria at the moment, and it’s on MTV Base, one of the most played songs on the radio. It’s fantastic two hits back to back.

Was there a moment that made you stop and think of how big your songs are now?

The moment I stopped to think what I was doing [was when] “Baby” got to No. 1 on Apple Music, MTV Base, and then the same thing happened with “Beginning.” And then they are both on the Top 10 right now. That’s when I realized, wow, things are actually happening, and things are going really well.

How did emPawa help you achieve this?

They really helped with the distribution aspect and putting my songs on playlists. Playlisting is an essential part of music distribution right now. We are in the streaming age. emPawa really helped with that. And with the ideas for the visualizers and everything. emPawa plays a vital role in my music career. They help with promotion, too, management, shooting all the videos.

Tell us about this new EP coming up. Why did you call it Love & Light?

This is my debut EP, my very first body of work. The EP is a combination of love songs and happy and inspiring songs. That’s why I came up with the name Love & Light. It features Mayorkun on a fantastic tune, “Don’t Call Me Back.”

What are some of the main inspirations behind the songs on Love & Light?

The main inspiration behind the songs on the new EP is just the idea of love and happy music, happiness. Music that you listen to and just gets you hyped up and makes you feel good inside. For lyrical inspiration, I just drew ideas from my experiences, these could be from a movie or my environment, or something I’m playing at the moment.

Who did you work on in this EP? Any stories from the recording sessions?

The first song “Baby” was produced by Dara, the Boy. “Beginning” was produced by Killertunes, a fantastic producer who just won the award for producer of the year*. The third song is produced by my excellent friend, Beats, by KO, called “Call Me Back.” The fourth song is “All For You,” also produced by Beats by KO, and the final song is “Blessings,” produced by Beats by KO and Dara.

I recorded the last song “Blessings,” in Ghana, and that wasn’t the song I was supposed to be recording. We decided just to drop it and move it with this one. I thought, ‘let me think about something inspiring, not a love song this time.’ That is how “Blessings” came about. “Baby” was recorded in about 45 minutes. At the beginning of August, we recorded “Beginning.” I got inspiration from something a friend said. She said, “I’m beginning to begin to get angry with you.” And I thought that was a very, very funny line, so I decided to make it into a song. And apparently, it’s doing very well.

The first single is “Don’t Call Me Back” with Mayorkun, which is out today. Can you tell us about how that song came about?

I was in the studio with KO Beats, also known as Beats by K.O., and he was playing me this beat. The beat was straightforward, so I decided to sing about my experience a while back. This girl I really liked, but she wasn’t interested anymore, so I wrote that song for my mind. I sent it to Mr. Eazi, and he really liked the song. He texted it to Mayorkun, and Mayorkun liked it. He really killed the song, in a positive way. His verse is fire. Shout out to Mayorkun for jumping on the song and adding more fire to it.

Where would you like for your career in music to take you?

I would like to be one of the biggest exports in Africa. My primary market right now is trying to conquer the African market, and from there, I moved out on a worldwide basis. That is where I would like my career to take me. And also to change lives. It’s not just about music. Art can impact people’s lives positively in one way or the other. Using my platform [to do that] is my primary goal.

Love & Light is out November 8.

Love & Light Track List
1. All For You

2. Beginning

3. Baby

4. Don’t Call Me Back ft. Mayorkun

5. Blessings

Joeboy Songs

Some People
Out Boss Me
Middle Man
Spot on the Sun
Have Another
Ain’t Missing A Thing
Same Question
Pack it Up

Joeboy Contacts

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