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Jobs in kenya. How to get a job in Kenya

jobs in kenya

Getting jobs in Kenya is like catching the clouds: it is almost inconceivable. Employers are on the lookout for applicants with relevant experience in the tasks they want to fill, and the contest for the few available jobs is terrifying. Report from Kenya Bureau of statistics in 2016 tells that about 19.3 million people in the labor force aged 15-65 are actively looking for employment. Now the prominent question here is; if experienced selves are still searching for work, what about oneself with no experience at all?

It is invariably more challenging for people with no expertise to take a job, but new graduates are seizing new posts every day. I am sure you want to comprehend how they do it. They ensued easy tips on how to get a job in Kenya.                                                                                   

Discover Yourself

The first mark to getting a job in Kenya is discovering yourself. Before you inaugurate sending out those applications, take time to imagine and find out who you are. Take a minute to recognize your strength and weaknesses.

If you take a look at online job boards, for example, you will notice that there are loads of job vacancies advertised. You can’t apply for all the positions that are advertised, that is why you need to discover your career interest.

You can only discover your occupation interest if you have observed your interest in the first place. Seeing your interest will assist you in finding out your career interest and what jobs you should be petitioning for. You can consider analyzing your personality type, habits, and hobbies to discover your personal interest.

Discovering your personal and career interest can help you have a more candid job search. Introverts are more assuring to perform better in some jobs (jobs that require skills like attention to details, critical thinking, creativity, etc.) better than extroverts. The fact about job-search is that the better you understand yourself, the better opportunity you stand in getting a job with tremendous gratification.

Create a Perfect CV

Since you now know the sort of job that you are looking for, then it is time for you to design a perfect CV. A CV is not just a document you send out to firms when you are looking for a job. A CV is utterly a branding tool that markets you to a prospective employer.

Assume you want to sell a product to a client, won’t you make sure the piece is in good shape so that the prospective customer can find it attractive? Yes, you would, the same thing connects to your CV and your potential employers. So designing a perfect CV is what will pull you (your skills, abilities, and interest) to a potential employer.

I perceive you want to ask me; “How can I formulate a perfect CV?” Well, that is much simpler: all you need to do is to comprehend guides and tips to creating a winning CV. These patterns will help you produce your perfect CV by merely following precise rules, using a CV checklist or these CV templates will help you abide by these rules. If you find it challenging understanding a guide and you require a professional touch on your CV, then you can employ a CV rewrite service.

Write an Attention-Getting Cover Letter

Writing an attention-getting cover letter is a run towards landing the job of your fantasies in Kenya. Even if some mortals don’t see the use of writing a cover letter after designing a CV, a cover letter is nevertheless meaningful.

While a CV comprises detailed information about your school background and work experience, a cover letter is a more compact document representing an interest in the job being applied to. Writing a cover letter lets you demonstrate that you are the most suitable fit for the job.

Sending a cover letter beside your CV when applying for a job can aid you to land a job quicker than just sending out your CV because it presents the employer an idea that you are drawn in the post. Employers look forward to employing somebody that love what they do.

Writing an attention-getting cover letter may not be secure, primarily when you have not written a cover letter before. You don’t need to be scared, with a cover letter guide, you can write a cover letter that will descend you your dream job.

Search and Apply for Jobs

Once your CV and cover letter are set, then it is time for you to commence sending out your applications. To cause your job-search in Kenya more productive, you must master how to search and apply for jobs in Kenya. You can search for job vacancies that interest you on online principles. Searching for jobs on online jobs platform like Brightermonday Kenya makes your search more straightforward and faster. Adopting the platform, you can hunt for jobs based on your career field, industry, location, date, and education. You can also subscribe to the newsletter and get notified when new jobs are posted.

Searching for a job is one thing applying is extra. When you see a post that you are interested in, you can petition by following the application instructions.

Access the Hidden Job Market

According to research, there are lots of jobs that are not disclosed. So if you singularly depend on jobs advertised on online platforms and newspapers, then you may be barring yourself from the fabulous opportunity of landing the position of your dreams.

You may be puzzled about how some jobs are reserved and how you can access those hidden jobs? Well, some firms don’t advertise their vacancies naturally; they rely on recommendation, endorsement, and their interface to fill their vacant places. If you want to reach the hidden job market, then you should inaugurate networking offline and online.

When you network with specialists in your enterprise, you get the opportunity of perceiving vacant positions in their companies that have not been advertised. The convenience of accessing jobs in the hidden job market is that it allows you to search and apply for jobs that have not been promoted before. The level of competition in the hidden job market is comparatively low, which makes it easier for you to get a job in Kenya.

Send Applications Directly to Employers

Another stylish way to get a job in Kenya is to send your job application straight to employers without applying through any platform. You don’t have to go about looking for employers to send your CVs to. All you need to do is to hunt for companies that you would fancy to work for, search for their contact, and send in your application.

Some souls don’t consider this approach useful, but you never can tell your talents and strengths might hint them of a position they need to fill in the company. Even if there are currently no vacancies for the job you are applying for, you may be reached if such vacancy comes up in the future. This method of application can be a shortcut for you to work in your dream company, somewhat of waiting for the company to advertise their position, which may not happen as soon as you want it.

Prepare for Job Interviews

Creating a winning CV and good cover letter is lovely, but preparing well for the interview will take you a step faraway to landing the job of your dreams. Not preparing for a job interview at all can destroy the whole process of your job-search even after you must have created a good CV and cover letter.

The greatest job-search blunder any job seeker can make is not preparing for the job interview at all. It must have taken you a lot of struggle to get an interview invite; from creating a fantastic CV to writing an impressive cover letter. Not preparing for a job interview at all can make you lose the chance you have been fancying of for years. You should nevermore go for an interview inexperienced; it is not smart to do that at all. Check out this job interview checklist to help you prepare better for your meeting and get your dream job.

Take up Internship or Volunteer Roles

Somewhat of sitting and waiting for that fantasy job, you can take up internship and volunteering tasks. Hardly does anyone attain career growth immediately; there is usually a process to achieving career height. Internship and volunteering roles will assist you to have one foot in, which will empower you to grow and better yourself. Internship and volunteer positions help fit for your future by supporting you to develop your skillset and experience.

Try Applying to Small Companies

Even if it is nearly every job seekers’ dream is to work for a big company or multinational, operating for a small company may open you up to some opportunities that you may not get in more leading companies.

It is uniquely more comfortable to get a job in a small firm compared to a big company. Small business owners are most prepared to employ people with no experience because they understand you can learn on the job, and they may not have what it takes to hire a professional.

The competition for small companies is proportionately lower than that of big corporations. Most people look forward to getting employed in big companies, so this decreases the jam on smaller companies. Searching and petitioning for roles in small organizations can make you get a job faster than you expect.

Acquire In-Demand Skills

We know there are many jobless people in Kenya. Notwithstanding the unemployment situation in the country, some people are shifting jobs every day like dresses. I know you would ask me why? It is merely because they have what others don’t possess.

Now, what is it that some workers have that others don’t possess? The explanation is “in-demand skills.” Employees that don’t grapple to get jobs to have in-demand skills that brands can’t do without. So these set of characters will continuously be on a high market than others that don’t possess the skills.

Obtaining the skills beneath will help you get hired quicker than you anticipated;

In-Demand skills that will help you get employed more quickly:

In-demand soft skills

  1. Time management skills
  2. Adaptability
  3. Collaboration
  4. Persuasion
  5. Creativity
  6. Motivation
  7. Leadership
  8. Work ethic

In-demand hard skills

  1. Artificial intelligence
  2. Web Development
  3. UX design
  4. Analytical reasoning
  5. People Management
  6. Digital Marketing
  7. Data science
  8. Graphic design
  9. Business analysis
  10. Mobile application development

Considering the rate of unemployment in the country, staying ahead of the competition is one way you can escape increasing the figures. If you have been wondering about how you can get a job in Kenya, sure the tips above will help you get started.