Matters politics can be so heartbreaking especially during the early stages of grief. Jalas is for a while now resting on the luo nation chopping board waiting for his fate. A compact majority are baiting for his blood having betrayed the Kingpin of Luo Politics, enigma Raila Amollo Odinga.

The comedian and media personality turned politician has learnt the art of showering and rushing back to the market, and indeed he is currently the fatest cow in the market. What many are not sure about is whether he is up for a shamba assignment or he will be shown the slaughter house soon enough.

It is now clear Jalas is allergic to failure but branding Raila a failed candidate must be so bold of the Langata MP, however it is the same “truth” that hurts the most knowing very well how cards were played during the 2022 general elections.

Either way there had to be a winner and the winner had to be the smartest among them all. To date Jalango continues to loud President Ruto for being smart enough to ascend to the presidency.

The lawmaker who is a first timer in parliament seems to have parted ways with his party if not its ideologies. He maintains his commitment to the people by using inroads in government to bring utmost service delivery and development to his people. I would say he is about to sing the ‘luo liberation’ slogan currently sang by the anti – odingaism choir of defiants.

Jalango is used to cracking deals and sniffing pay checks and for any long term politician who would not wish to have his tail cut , he must dine with the government of the day. This for him means delivery of services to his people and equally making a few coins and connections for his re election bid.

This is however coming at a crutial time when the luo community is more divided than ever. The crop of Raila die hard luos are up for a tassle with those they believe to be traitors.
Felix Odiwuor alias Jalango used the ODM Party to sail through all the way from nominations to general election and thus walking out on the party at such moments of die need is seen as the worst judasism ever. It however means Jalas has always had Baba at heart and has remained a loyal liutenant until such a time that Raila lost what seemed to be his last attempt to enter state house.

Politically Jalas is so useful to president Ruto in scattering the Luo block, and same is to the other luo leaders who have shown ODM their back. Much as matters development are given a priority but not as much importance as a politician is to their party. The defectors have given ODM a lifeline, except still, Raila has many lives and can bounce back whenever and wherever.

Ambition is priceless and so the young fisherman who later became a household name in the Kenyan entertainment and media industry and eventually got to sit on the floor of the August House, must continue to fetch for more. Jalas dines with the whos and whos of the nation, and the President has him on a speed dial. But my biggest worry is not the head of state. Raila succession politics is taking center stage and everyone is asking, what is Jalango’s next card. Ditching Baba to save his neck and ascending to become a luo kingpin are two close but very distinct.

Political rules of the game have it that President Ruto can only align the anti Raila brigade to follow one notable figure and give him all the necessary support in order to win against team Raila, but what the president can never achieve is choose a political kingpin for the luos. Once the luos have their own man to take over from Raila and that man is neither Jalas, Owalo, Kidero, Obado etc then there will be an uphill task to change the will of the luo community. Ladies like Gladys Wanga are not to be left unmentioned though. That is where the huge assignment begins. A unifying factor must be sourced to ensure the luos are back into speaking as a block.Luhyas on the other side are just a click away from achieving their unity.

Jalango is a very vibrant figure in politics and his cards are on the table to be seen by everyone. Chances are that he may be too exposed to make his next move politically. Use and Dump is a common tool in national politics and so option B has to be employed. In a nutshell, Jalango has to sleep with Ruto in the night and dance with Raila in the day, but since its the reverse that is possible then it means he has to convince Baba followers that he is only making moves best known to his political future, but very loyal to the party.
From where I sit, Jalango has his second term right in his pockets with or without the luo blessing,so Langata should not be his worry for now.

However there may be interests to persue just more than Langata politics. We have Governorship and Presidency to scratch the head over. Whispers are filling the air over the comedian’s aspiration to vie for Presidency in his future life, just like Uganda’s Bobby Wine. The urge to achieve more gives him the energy to do more. Perhaps no one wants to taste the soup and leave the meat untouched. Therefore coming out in public to denounce Raila’s relevance could mean Jalango has measured his coat and is ready to wear it for the next occassion. His eyes are on the bigger picture. Just what could this be?
Luos at the moment have Babu Owino also to try out after years of testing. Question is, when that time comes who will be the choice of the lake?

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Jacob Otieno is a creative writer and showbiz analyst, expert of matters Entertainment, Politics, Sports, Lifestyle and emerging trends. etc. He is a graduate of Drama & Theatre Studies with IT from Maseno University.