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Jackie Matubia Sheds Light On Alleged Beef With Milly Chebby


Social media users have demanded to know where the relationship between Jackie Matubia and Milly Chebby stands presently. The two friends have not been seen together recently sparking rumours that they are not on talking terms.

Rumour has it that the two celebrities had a fall out after their latest vacation when they went to celebrate Matubia’s daughter. Jacky denied the rumours saying that she and the content creator were in good terms adding that she had sent her a message quite recently.

Jackie further commented that Milly Chebby’s family wished their daughter a happy birthday contrary to what social media users believe. In a recent interview with Ankole, Jacky Matubia said that the relationship between the two families was strong as such they wouldn’t breakup. She said,
“Ee, we are okay. We are sisters. She has been busy, and she wished her a happy birthday. We are fine. Us we are family hatukosani,”

Jacky also revealed that she and her baby daddy have not spoken in months meaning that there could be trouble in paradise. She said ,
“I am so tired…Things happen… Do I look like I can wrong someone? Me? People who are wronged do not keep quiet those who wrong others on the contrary are the ones who keep quiet on things… mapenzi si mchezo… Me and him it has been months since we talked,”

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