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Jacaranda People’s Assembly gave Nuru Okanga 200 pens to join form 1


Nuru Okanga has been given a farewell party from Jacaranda People’s Assembly to allow him to join form one.

The event held in the Jacaranda field, where they usually hold People’s Assembly meeting, was organized by his close friends who bought him some gifts to join secondary school. When he was handed the items which included pens and books, they teased him that if he goes after 4 years and fails the secondary qualification exam, KCSE then they will directly ban him from attending their meetings at Jacaranda.

“We are with our candidate, who is going to the form one, and here we have bought him a pen, he also wants books. Nuru, don’t come back here if you get a D,” they teased him as they handed him over Continuing to give it to him, they also gave him instructions on how to use all those pens correctly and if he obeys those instructions, then in all four years he will not buy another pen again.

“These pens are what you will use, in form one you will use 20 pens, in form two you will use 50 pens, in form three you will use 70 pens… Nuru Okanga we are telling you, if you go to form one, if you come back with D…” he was directed.

The person who was instructing him praised Okanga as a person who broke the record in the whole of Kenya by taking the KCPE exam, although he could not mention the marks he got, his relatives have continued to insist that he crossed more than 400 marks. They also teased him that when he goes to school, they will negotiate with the principal so that he is allowed to not wear his uniform and wear his suit instead.

They asked him to inform the teachers early on the day of the protest that he would not be attending classes that day. Okanga is one of the staunch defenders of ODM leader Raila Odinga’s policies and he said in an interview with Radio Jambo that the main reason he went back to school was to prepare to vie for MCA in the kholera ward in the next election.

Okanga said that he would not like to become a leader who does not have any certificates to show his education.

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