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It was a shock to Kenyans after the Government announced the digital identity of Maisha Number


Huduma number is an ID issued during the administration of retired President Uhuru Kenyatta, it is an ID that was confirmed to carry all the information of a person, it took the time of Kenyan citizens to line up for about two days with children to get the card. However, the whole process of ID used a 10 billion tax on Kenyans while in the end, the identification failed to work.

Three years later, the news of the digital ID is revived again. On September 12, 2023, the incumbent president William Samuel Ruto unveiled the ID, but it was renamed from Huduma number to Maisha number which currently will take 1 billion to be ready.

Although some Kenyans were not happy with the news of the new identity card, the President has explained the importance of the new identity card while saying that it will help a lot in getting services in any office in Kenya.

Kenyan citizens have received the message with different perspective while a large percentage opposes the issue saying that Kenyans have wasted too much time and at this hour they have no more time to waste.

James Maina resident of Umoja 2 said “We only have time to work, to feed our families, the cost of living is high, will someone have that time for registration line again or time of husling for family to have something to eat, it is impossible”


“Just the other day here, we came out of the protest saga, Even though are trying to raise ourselves we are told to register another ID, I am tired of this government, please have mercy on us so that we don’t put our economy low” He said

They have urged the government to return the identity card that wasted their time at that time instead of taking each incoming president to issue his type of identity card.

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