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Is Sasha Obama pregnant? | Photos of Sasha Obama that has caused reactions on social media


The last born daughter of former US president Barack Obama, Sasha Obama has caused a lot of social media after her recent photos went viral. Sasha, who is 22 years old, was seen in public wearing a barely-there bikini with an oversized skirt. What caused more concerns was her unkempt nature and ow she was smoking in public.

These photos became viral trend on all social media apps where many people questioned her state of mind going by her social status and being a former superpower nation president’s daughter. Her protruding belly even raised more questions with many suggesting that she is pregnant.

Well, it has not been confirmed if Sasha is pregnant since the family has never been open over this. And, it is not the first time allegations are coming out over her pregnancy but this is almost the third time. Since September 2022, she has been rumoured to be pregnant.

Some few weeks ago, her father, Barack Obama became a subject of discussion after a man came out to claim that the former president is gay and they had even engaged in sexual activity with him. In an exclusive interview with Tucker Carlson, an American pundit, on September 7, author Larry Sinclair disclosed that he had homosexual intercourse with former US President Barack Obama twice in 1999. He also alleged that Obama used cocaine with him and had no difficulty having homosexual intercourse with him.