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Is Bonny Khalwale Dumping Ruto or Oparanya Dumping Raila? | Bonny Khalwale Declares Interest in Kakamega County Gubernatorial Seat


With about four years to the general election in 2024, politics and early campaigns seem to have started quite early as can be imagined. The current political developments and occurrences seem to point out that the 2027 general election will be a one that comes soon.

Today, Kakamega senator Bonny Khwalwale has caused ripples in the political arena after his declaration of planning to take over the leadership of Kakamega county as the governor. While this might not appear as news, what now brings confusion and questions is the presence of ODM Deputy party leader and Raila Odinga’s close ally Wycliffe Oparanya.

Khwalwale who was flanked by the former and first governor of Kakamega, Oparanya, said that he had sought the opinion of the residents of Kakamega county who advised him to look for the former governor in case he wishes to successfully vie for the seat. He maintained that it does not in any way mean disrespect to their various coalitions but all meant to work out for the good of the Kakamega residents.

Oparanya on his side said that there has never been enmity between him and Khalwale and so when Khalwale sought for his support he could not refuse. He added that Khalwale made him successful as a governor by putting him on toes. Oparanya further said that he will now have the task to speak to his Azimio and Party side to understand their union.

During the press, Khalwale asked Oparanya now to aim higher in the national level being that he has served as a governor.

However, what all this developments can point out can be explained on three different ways;

One, Bonny Khwalwale might be dumping his party leader and president William Ruto and could be headed to Raila’s side in readiness for the 2027 election. This could be so given that Raila’s influence and ODM party’s fame in Kakamega can easily win him the seat unlike sticking to UDA which was floored in the same seat by current governor Fernandez Barasa.

Two, Oparanya might be dumping Raila for Ruto. As at now, Ruto is the president and Raila’s chances of making a sixth stab at the presidency is so low. Instead, he might front someone else and so Oparanya could be has already seen the chances of being the one or even the running mate. By dumping Raila and ODM, he will head to Kenya Kwanza where it is believed that Ruto might still use his influence as the president to win election and give him a slot in cabinet.

Lastly, Ruto might be planning to go for a Luhya as his running mate come 2027. This will place the Luhya nation on a national picture where some of their influential leaders will be sought after for powerful government positions. If this is the case then Oparanya by heading to Kenya Kwanza could be posing himself for such.


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