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Is 2Baba Defending Men For Cheating On Their Partners?


Nigerian Musician 2Baba Gives Reasons Why Men Cheat On Their Partners

Innocent Idibia, popularly known as 2Baba, a renowned Nigerian musician, has made a statement suggesting that men cheat on their partners with women they don’t love because their sexual desires overpower their rational thoughts.

During a conversation with Nadia in the presence of his wife, actress Annie Idibia, on the Young, Famous and African reality show’s second season, 2Baba expressed his viewpoint. He claimed that when men cheat on their partners with other women, it doesn’t necessarily mean they seek relationships with those women.


According to 2Baba, men primarily desire sexual encounters. He stated, “Whether you like it or not, men are wired like that. A man can love a woman deeply, but at times, his sexual impulses take control.”

Nadia interjected, stating, “No, it’s his mind, not his sexual organ. It doesn’t have a separate existence.”

2Baba elaborated, “Okay, no matter how you perceive it, he will engage in sexual activity. However, he won’t care about that person. He simply wants to satisfy his desire.”

Annie, visibly upset, questioned, “Are you speaking generally or about yourself? Is that your personal belief?”

To which 2Baba responded, “It’s what I believe.”

  • Annie Idibia, after listening to her husband’s opinion on the topic of infidelity, expressed her heartbreak upon hearing his words.

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