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I was elected to change the lives of Kenyans, not to run for a second term.


PRESIDENT William Ruto has strongly criticized those who criticize the way he runs the country, saying he was elected to change the lives of Kenyans. Despite the cost of living increasing and burdening the citizens, Dr Ruto has said that his goal is to see Kenya improve.

He said he is not fed up with the threats of his opponents “where they say I will serve only one term”. Responding to them on Sunday evening, December 17, 2023 in a joint interview with the media, Dr Ruto said he is not fed if he does not return again. “I hear people saying, if you continue as we see, you will not get a second term.

I tell you; I was not elected to serve a second term,” the President said. The interview was broadcast live through the country’s main news channels. He added, “I was chosen to change Kenya”.

According to the country’s leader, previous governments have been postponing things and strategies to promote Kenya, including the assessment of taxes (VAT) and excise duty to increase the revenue of the central government to make progress. Less than a year ago – since he assumed power in September 2022, the cost of living has doubled especially after the increase of VAT on petroleum products.

The Kenya  Kwanza government, led by Ruto, raised the tax on petrol from 8 percent to 16 percent, a move that has fueled inflation in the prices of essential commodities. “We will not keep postponing things. Kenya, its status is the same as countries like South Africa, Morocco and Tunisia,” President Ruto told reporters who interviewed him.

Claiming that he has helped bring down the cost of food to a large extent, he ignored the requests of religious leaders asking him to listen to the cries of Kenyans and the opposition, saying that the steps he took to run the country are painful but after time, the economy will improve.

“What I do I know Kenyans will reward me well,” he explained. He used the example of his leadership as that of the Retired President, the late Mwai Kibaki, who continues to be praised for the way he improved Kenya in less than ten years.

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