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How Young People Make Money By Hitting Sets On Matatu


A lot of YOUNG people in Nairobi are making money by riding sets on Public Transport matatus (PSV).

Because there is no law to control them, it is an exercise that has gained momentum in the popular stages of Tea Room, Railways, Afya Center and Machakos Country Bus.

However, it is something that has been received badly by travelers who want the government to take strict action against the perpetrators for wasting their time. Alice Wangare who uses a matatu between Kamukunji and Nairobi admits that these days, because of the set, theft has increased in the matatu.

According to Alice, some people have been pretending to be passengers but the main goal is to steal phones and luggage. In addition, she blames the makanga for collaborating with young people who hit the set, considering that some of them are young people who roam the streets.

“Perhaps they have been helping drivers and makangas to fill the car, because matatu businesses in Nairobi, Nakuru and Baringo are facing fierce competition,” she says.

One time she remembers she boarded a bus to Machakos, at the Machakos Country Bus station, but it took her five hours before the bus left.

Mr Reuben Some from the Railways station who has been working on the sets says Christmas and New Year holidays are over so the work is not good. He says this is a job like any other as long as the hand goes to the mouth. In a day Some who is born in Tinderet Nandi County can make between Sh400-600 which helps him pay taxes and buy food.

Some says the business itself is not illegal because he uses intelligence to help matatu owners fill their cars with a special payment. He says it is something that happens in almost every bus station in the country and there is no law that has been put in place to prevent sets.

In addition, it is something that has left the security agencies scratching their heads due to witnessing a large number of young people involved in crime at bus stations.

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