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How to Write an Exceptional One-Page CV

How to Write an Exceptional One-Page CV

You must have arrived across this CV writing guidance urging you to keep it short. The concern is, how can you keep all those skills and backgrounds on one page?

As you write a curriculum vitae, your primary goal is to ingrain the employer. This truth can be overwhelming as you do not understand what to incorporate and what to leave out.

Want to learn how you can keep your summary to one page and still engrave employers? Here are leads you should utilize to craft your CV.

How to Write a Brief CV

1. Write a header with your name and contact details.

Do not add your PO BOX mailing address to save on available space; employers no longer will contact you through postal offices.

Just input your phone number and email address, and that’s it. Make the best utility of space by including only what the employer will want.

2. Write a brief introduction

Your intro should be short and contain facts about your professional experience. Use this paragraph to emphasize who you are as a professional.

Talk around your best achievements from where you labored before, as well as the kind of institution you’d desire to work at.

3. Write about your academic qualifications.

Enclose the college or university you went to, starting with the institution from your highest degree, detailed in reverse chronological order. That is from the current to the oldest.

4. Remove any details that are repetitive

If you’ve had matching roles at various companies, you presumably had some matching tasks. That’s great! It implies you have lots of experience in those areas.

Nevertheless, recounting the role two to three bits is a waste of space. If you had the same duties at two different jobs, only cite the one where you had the most satisfactory results.

5. Leave out “references available upon request.”

Many individuals will use a whole line (and presumably a blank space above it) to compose this phrase. If you’re struggling to suit your CV to a page, those two lines are valuable.

If an employer wants contacts, they’ll ask for them.

6. Include information about each position on one line.

You might appreciate the way your CV looks when the company, the duration of your position, the location, and your title each have their own line.

Nevertheless, if it’s pushing your CV over a page, you should revise this thought.

Be resourceful and find ways to fit these details on one or two lines. Doing this for each of your positions will preserve you a lot of space.

7. Leave off irrelevant experience

Earnestly. This one is so essential. If you are being assessed for an editorial internship, the employer does not require you to know anything that is not going to be connected to your new role. Unless you can plainly show in bullet form how the background applies to the role, don’t include it.

8. Use a smaller font.

Go with 11 or 11.5 point font instead of a 12. You’ll realize that it’s readable and gives you more space to play with.


To have a one-page yet amazing CV, you have to keep everything meticulous. Concentrate on your best skills and make them as relatable to the position you are applying to as much as attainable.

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