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How to Stream Online Casino Game


Online casinos expanded a lot in the past few years and streamers are definitely one of the reasons why this happened. The other reason is the pandemic that happened which made people make some drastic life changes. Those that like entertainment and betting had to switch to online gambling because everything was closed at some point.

There isn’t any downside to this change because the online casino has a lot of benefits like playing from home and having more games available. But, you should always be careful where you play because many new players have trouble finding a reputable casino if it isn’t allowed to have one in their country.

A lot of players are using VPN to play which is a small issue compared to bad casinos that have slow load speeds. So, one of the most important things before even buying streaming equipment is to find casinos where you will play.

Finding a Few Casinos

The first thing you need to do is research the best online casinos that have a lot of slot games.

The reason why you should focus on slots is that people like watching them the most. There are plenty of games that you can play including roulette, blackjack, and live-streaming games, but slots are the main thing nowadays.

Check review websites that will closely describe what the casino has and what are the advantages and disadvantages. Check if they have referral programs that are very valuable for streamers and if they have an option where they might sponsor you.

Have the Right Equipment

When you know which casinos are the best, it’s time to look for the needed equipment which includes a good microphone, two monitors, a good PC that will probably cost from $1500 to $2500, and a controller for the stream.

The PC can cost less if you buy the parts yourself but even if you are only playing on the browser, streaming can heat up the PC a lot. Your internet connection has to be fast so there won’t be any delays in your stream.

You don’t need to have a streaming controller but it will make your life easier. It’s basically a keyboard for your stream where you will have buttons that work like shortcuts for some things you will use during the stream like silencing some browsers, ending the stream, switching between monitors, etc.

Find a Sponsorship

Even if a stream can be successful without a sponsorship, this will allow you to make much better content because some of them are willing to invest thousands of dollars into streamers.

The most paid streamers on Twitch are gambling streamers that earn up to $2 million per month only from one sponsor. They were usually crypto platforms but there are other websites where you can earn from regular casinos.

It’s important to know your worth because even a small audience is important for them. There are plenty of YouTube videos where you can see how it’s supposed to be done. People like seeing big bets, which is why having someone that can support you is very important. Monthly deals are the best if you could get them but referral programs are also a great way to make an income.

Build a Relationship with Viewers

There are a lot of people gambling and from time to time they want to relax and watch others play. These are the main people you should target because they are active players. It’s crucial to be kind to your viewers and have a positive attitude so they will stick to your stream. This is very hard to fake so streaming isn’t for everyone.

Besides being great to your viewers, you need to find a way to make the stream interesting.

Even if gambling is interesting itself, find ways to keep them watching. This may include giving them special points that they can exchange for promo codes, etc.