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How to start lucrative Poultry farming in Kenya

Poultry Farming

Poultry farming in Kenya is befitting one of the most lucrative businesses in Kenya due to the high claim for chicken by large restaurants and hotels. This qualifies poultry farming as an essential sector in agriculture business in Kenya in that it creates jobs to those Kenyans who are in the look for job chances, it creates a business manifesto for businessmen, it brings earnings to the individual involved in this type of farming and ultimately this is a kind of business that gives out on the off chance that it is very much overseen. The mentioned benefits can only be achieved by the individual who adopts poultry farming in Kenya.

For an individual to adopt poultry farming, he/she must understand the kinds of chicken reared in Kenya. Primarily, there are three kinds of chicken in Kenya;

Kinds of chicken in Kenya

  1. Broiler chicken: This kind of chicken is bred to yield meat in Kenya. These chickens grow quicker and are normally fit for the market after roughly three months.
  2. The Pullets:  These are commonly referred to as Layers. These are reared for egg production in Kenya but are also difficult to breed as contrasted to other kinds of chicken.
  3. Cockerel: This is the third type of chicken bred in Kenya. They develop slower and are fit for the market after roughly six months. They are better dependable than other kinds of chicken as they can endure the harsh surroundings and immerse all types of shocks.

Poultry farming asks for a powerful deal of commitment from the rancher. You require a little measure of cash and little scale rearing is increasingly ideal before daring to huge size rearing. You have to plunk down and make a computation of the whole business. When you have funding, to begin with, discover a land parcel for setting up the poultry house. The countryside is the best place in the event that you have you do not own any land since it is a lot less expensive there. A land of 120 by 60 square meters is vastly enough.

The subsequent stage is to construct a chicken enclosure. You ought to guarantee it is extensive and all-around ventilated to stay away from the suffocation of chicken. Purchase outer wellspring of warmth for the chicks. When you have the enclosure, proceed to get one-day-old chick from any perceived incubation facility. When you have acquired the chicks, you have to continue checking them, in any event, five times each day for the first couple of days.

Some of the other routine management you should never forget when rearing Chicken.

  1. Keep the chicks warm consistently. Furthermore, the light should be on for the duration of the day (24 hours).
  2. Appropriate assurance of chicks from pets, predators, or youngsters from home.
  3. Guarantee that you look for guidance from specialists on the kinds of feeds to be given as they are developing since they have to change concurring the ages.
  4. The feeds ought to consistently be kept clean to stay away from contaminations.
  5. The chicken pen ought to be kept clean each day.

People are complaining of unemployment in Kenya instead of investing in Poultry farming as it is a very profitable business. Some graduates have searched for office jobs everywhere in Kenya to no success, and I want to advise these graduates that it is not a must to work in an office in order to live a happy life. Actually, Poultry farming will generate more income than the income one is paid as salary while working in an office. Furthermore, when working in an office, an individual is paid on a monthly basis, but in Poultry farming, people earn on a daily basis.

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The good thing with Poultry farming is that the farmer will not struggle to look for a market for his products be it the eggs or the broilers for meat as the market will come knocking at his door. The market includes hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, and shops or individual customers. Invest in this business, and you will never regret a thing as you will be busy enjoying the profits from the business.