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How to Send money from Airtel Money to Mpesa

Airtel Money to Mpesa

How to Send Money. Gone are the days when you could not transfer money directly from Airtel Money to Mpesa.

Thanks to the interoperability of mobile financial services which allows subscribers to transfer money from one mobile money network to another in a secure environment, in real-time and at a low cost.

Now you can easily send money from your Airtel Money account to Mpesa.

This is a simple guide on how to send money from Airtel Money to Safaricom’s Mpesa. Since the interception of Mobile Money Interoperability in Kenya back in April this year, the transfer of money to different mobile money networks has been a very seamless process.

How to send money from Airtel Money to Mpesa

To send money, follow these steps.

Dial *222*1#

Select your preferred language

Select ‘Send Money’

Select destination carrier as ‘MPESA’

Enter the recipient’s Mpesa mobile number

Enter the amount you want to send

For confirmation purposes, the name of the recipient will be shown

Enter your Airtel Money PIN to complete the transaction

You will receive a transaction confirmation message from Airtel Money

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For any questions regarding your Airtel Money Transaction, call their customer care service via+254 734  110000 or contact them on social media using the links below:


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Airtel Money to M-Pesa Transaction Charges

Minimum Amount (Kes.) Maximum Amount (Kes.) Transaction Charges (Kes.)
1 100 0
101 500 7
501 1,000 9
1,001 1,500 15
1,501 2,500 24
2,501 3,500 33
3,501 5,000 36
5,001 7,500 45
7,501 10,000 51
10,001 15,000 57
15,001 20,000 60
20,001 70,000 66