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How to reverse M-Pesa money sent to a wrong number quickly


Safaricom’s M-Pesa is one of the best products from the Telco company that has benefited Kenyans in so many ways. Receiving and sending money to relatives ha been so simple and easy that nobody needs to worry. Just anywhere you are, dialling a button will quickly wire your money to another person anywhere they are.

Apart from sending and receiving money, Safaricom M-Pesa has also come up with other community service programs that have helped in uplifting the less fortunate in the society. The Saaricom foundation and Safaricom M-Pesa school are some of the programs that are beneficial to the society.

Away from that, sometimes people mistakenly send money to wrong numbers by missing a digit. This can ruin your whole program and incur you serious loses that you could have avoided. This incident was so common at the inception of the M-Pesa service however, it has reduced tremendously thanks to the day to day improvement of the service by safaricom.

Even though sending money to wrong numbers has reduced, some people still find themselves in this situation and this calls for the need to find out how to avoid sending money by mistake and steps to take after sending money by mistake.

How to avoid sending money to wrong number

a). Counter check the number before sending money

One way to avoid sending money by mistake is to confirm the number by counter checking the digits and ensuring you input the right number.

b). Confirm the name before finishing the process

Safaricom has brought a way of knowing who will receive the money you’re about to send by displaying their names so that in case the name is not what you expected you can cancel the transaction. Pay attention to this before assuming you have sent the money.

c). Copy paste the number

In case whoever you intend to send money to is among your contact list, simply copy paste their numbers from the contact list and paste on the M-pesa platform. Ensure you only include the number and not the country code, +254.

How to reverse money sent to wrong number

If you still found yourself sending money to a wrong number then you can try to get it back by following these steps.

a). Forward the mpesa message to 456 as quickly as you receive it back. Safaricom will send you a message telling you they have received your reversal request. They will do a follow up with the recipient and the money will be reversed to you successfully if you are not playing tricks. Sometimes the recipient used the money or had the fuliza loan in this case reversal will fail.

b). Call the person you sent the money and ask them to reverse. This will only depend on the recipient’s goodwill but if they refuse and you genuinely sent them money you can initiate a legal process against them.

c). Call Safaricom customer care service to help you in doing a follow-up with the receiver.


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