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How to renew a driving licence


Having a driving licence is one thing but having a valid driving licence is another. Every driver who s a driving licence must ensure the license is up to date. This means that the licence must be renewed. According to NTSA Traffic Act, a driving licence must be renewed after every one year. The NTSA has made it easy to renew a licence without much a do. Here are steps to renew a driving licence.

a). Old Generation Driving Licence

The old Generation Driving Licence are those that were issued before the digitization of the driving licence. Process of renewing such a licence is slightly different from the smart driving licence.

  • Login to e-citizen portal from a browser.
  • Choose NTSA portal
  • Select application
  • Then under application, select Driving Licence
  • Select one year driving licence renewal
  • Fill in your details as shown
  • Pay the required amount
  • Download the license

b). Renewing Smart Driving Licence

  • Login to TIMS NTSA portal
  • Select Driving Licence
  • Select renew driving licence
  • Pay the amount indicated
  • Pick your driving licence from NTSA office.

Driving anything motor vehicle or a motorcycle without a valid driving licence will attract serious penalties that include fines of up to ksh. 30,000 and jail term of up to 6 months or even both at once.

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