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How To Prepare A Healthy Meal Without Using Oil.


Due to health reasons, there are some people who do not use food cooked with frying oil.

Due to this reason, there are some people who have had to eat only boiled foods.
Most of the time, this food is unpleasant. But did you know that it is possible to cook food without using frying oil and get good results? Here ere some tips to help you:

· Frying: When doing this, instead of using oil or butter, you can use a little water or vegetable broth while increasing the time as you go.

· Baking: In this recipe method you can use fruit pulp instead of oil or butter. Some types of pulp that are suitable in this recipe are bananas, nuts or dates.

· Grilling: Instead of oiling your meat or vegetables before grilling them, you can submerge them in a vegetable broth or spice mixture.

· Instead of frying foods with a lot of oil, you can bake them. For pulps made using butter or yogurt, you can use pulp from beans, peas or vegetables such as carrots.

· For the dressing used in the salad, you can mix vinegar, spices and fruit juice instead of using cream, yogurt or butter.

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