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How to Pay Branch Loan in Simple Steps

Pay Branch Loan

Let’s show you how to pay Branch loan in simple steps. Well, Branch is the second most loved loan app in Kenya next to the Tala loan app and Mshari. Here is how to repay the Branch loan app.

At one point, you might have needed a financial boost to deal with an unplanned emergency. And you were lucky enough to be successful in the loan application. Now it has come to a time to repay your loan, and you may not know how to go about repaying it. In this article, we are going to learn how to pay Branch loan in a few simple steps.

How to Pay Branch Loan in Kenya

  1. Using an ATM Card
  2. Through Mpesa pay bill number

Repay Branch loan using ATM Card

To pay a Branch loan through an ATM card, you need to open your branch app. Therefore, go to the branch App and then click open. Here are the steps to follow after opening it.

  1. Select my loan and click on Tap to pay button
  2. There are three options when it comes to selecting the amount you would want to pay.
    One can select, total balance, next amount due, or even other amounts.
  3. Click continue once you have input the amount
  4. Add your debit card details that are the card number (16 – 19 digits), CVV as well as an expiry date. Then click continue
  5. Select your auto-debit setting under the payment options
  6. You will be sent  a security code to confirm if the card is yours
  7. Once this is successful, your branch account will be automatically updated

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How do I pay my branch loan via M-pesa?

  1. Go to Mpesa menu
  2. Select Lipa Na Mpesa
  3. Choose pay bill and input the branch pay bill number – 998608
  4. On the account number, input the phone number that you used while opening the branch account
  5. enter the amount you would wish to repay
  6. Key in your pin
  7. Once this is approved, you will receive a confirmation message, and your Branch account will be updated

What is Branch Loan?

Branch app loan is managed by Branch international limited. This microfinance firm operates in Kenya and a few other African countries. It is straightforward to secure a loan from Branch because one does not need security to secure a loan from them. The minimum amount of loan limit is Ksh. 1000.

How do you qualify for a branch loan?

  1. One should be old enough to have an ID number
  2. A registered Safaricom line that is Mpesa enabled as this is the primary medium to transfer funds
  3. Android phone – Branch app is only available of google play store

How to Apply for a Loan at Branch

To acquire a loan from Branch, One will need to download and install the Branch App from Google play store first. While installing the app, Branch will request access to some of your social media accounts, caller, and messages.

Once the App is installed, open it and begin by inputting your phone number, the one that you intend to use while using Branch. The next step is to fill in your registration details, such as your ID number, date of birth, and country.

Once you have submitted your registration details, please wait for feedback from Branch. If you are lucky enough for your account to be approved, you will be redirected to the loan offer page.

Select the amount you want to borrow and then submit. The branch will send you a confirmation message if successful. After this, you will receive the money in your Mpesa account.

Once you have received the loan amount, it is essential to repay it before the lapse of time that you have been given. There are two ways of repaying your branch loan; the first one is through the Mpesa and the next one using your ATM.

Who do you contact when you need help from Branch

Send an email to support@branch.com, and you will receive a response.


The branch App is a little bit different from the other Apps because it enables people to earn off it. For every new member who registers to Branch using your promotion code, you earn Ksh.500. Do not be troubled for being without money, Branch it, and your account will be full again!