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How to order food from Jumia | Jumia food


Jumia is an online platform where users and customers can buy anything they want and get of delivered to them anywhere they want. This is among the many online shops where individuals can do online purchases and it is considered the most trusted online shop in Kenya.

How Jumia Foods works

Select a vendor

Access Jumia via their website which is https://food.jumia.co.ke/ or by making a call through 0709768000. And their number is active from Monday to Sunday from 7.00 am to 10 pm.

Make your locations on on the device you are using so that Jumia can easily connect you to the nearest Jumia outlet. Or you can simply type your address and then select the correct one from the suggestions on the drop down menu.

Select the preferred vendor from the many vendors such as KFC, Jumia Mart, Jumia party, Zucchini and many others.

Select a meal

After selecting the preferred vendor, choose the items or the type of food you want from the listed menu and make your order.


Your order once placed will be delivered to the address you provided. It is therefore important to ensure you counter check the address before making final submission.

Jumia contacts

Phone number :  0709768000

Email: service.food@jumia.co.ke

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