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How to Obtain EACC Clearance Certificate Easily

EACC Clearance Certificate

How to Obtain the EACC Clearance Certificate Easily.

One of the key desires among numerous Kenyans is to make sure about work. As indicated by a study discharged in March by the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS), 7,000,000 Kenyans are jobless. Out of these, 1.4 million have been urgently searching for work. The rest have abandoned occupation chasing, with some picking to return for additional investigations.

Remarkably, most Kenyans have the correct capabilities to have a possibility of making sure about a vocation in Kenya, yet the occupations are not imminent.

Fortunately, with the presentation of devolution, residents have figured out how to get to area occupations without any problem. In any case, for you to be shortlisted for province employments in the nation, you not just need scholarly capabilities.

A leeway structure from the Ethics and Anti Corruption Commission (EACC) is among the basic additional necessities you need.

EACC Mandate

  1. The Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission has the powers to:
  2. Educate and create awareness on any matter within the Commission’s mandate.
  3. Undertake preventive measures against unethical and corrupt practices; economic crime and unethical conduct in Kenya through law enforcement.
  4. Conduct public education, promotion of standards, and practices of integrity, ethics, and anti-corruption.
  5. Conduct investigations on its own initiative or on a complaint made by any person.
  6. Conduct mediation, conciliation, and negotiation.

The commission’s core values are:

  1. Professionalism
  2. Fidelity to the Law
  3. Courage
  4. Teamwork
  5. Innovation

EACC Clearance Certificate

A clearance certificate from the EACC is one of the 5 clearances outlined in Chapter (6) of the constitution of Kenya.

The remaining four include the KRA Compliance Certificate, Certificate of Good Conduct, HELB Compliance Certificate, and Credit Reference Bureau (CRB) Clearance Certificate.

These clearances are often required when applying for National and County Government job positions. However, the EACC one is additionally required by those seeking elective posts.

Unlike the other clearances which can be done online, the application process for an EACC clearance has to be done in person and no actual certificate is awarded.

Also, while the EACC clearance doesn’t attract hefty charges as it’s the case with the rest (save for KRA), it necessitates the services of a Commissioner for Oaths (Lawyer /Advocate) or Magistrate.

Requirements for getting EACC Clearance Certificate

  1. National Identity Card (ID) or Passport
  2. High School Certificate
  3. University Degree (if you have one)
  4. KRA PIN Certificate
  5. Lawyer or advocate

Self-declaration form details

  1. General Information
  2. Birth Information
  3. Nationality
  4. Marital Status
  5. Educational Qualifications
  6. Language
  7. Membership of Professional Organisation (If Any)
  8. Reasons for Declaration
  9. Moral and Ethical questions
  10. Employment information
  11. Oath and Affirmation

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How to Get EACC Clearance Certificate

The EACC clearance certificate is considered as one of the most difficult forms to obtain in Kenya. What makes the Certificate difficult to obtain, is the bureaucracy involved in obtaining it in the first place.

To obtain the certificate, one has to physically visit EACC offices or Integrity House in Nairobi which is located on Milimani Road, adjacent to Valley Road on Integrity Centre to obtain a self-declaration form.

Step 1:

Fill the EACC Clearance Form

  1. Download the self-declaration form that is in PDF format from the EACC website and print two copies of it.
  2. Fill the two forms but leave the last page (OATH & AFFIRMATION / KIAPO NA UTHIBITISHWA) unfilled.
  3. Attach photocopies of your National Identity Card (ID) or Passport, your High School Certificate, Degree (if you have one), and KRA PIN Certificate to both copies.

Step 2:

Commission the Form

  1. Take the two copies with you to a lawyer or advocate.
  2. The lawyer will fill the Oath & Affirmation page and ask you to put your signature in his/her presence. After this, the two copies will be stamped on the same page.

Note that this commissioning is not done for free (not unless the lawyer in question is a relative or friend). The cost will ultimately depend on the lawyer/law firm in question however generally speaking it’s between Ksh.200 and Ksh.500.

Step 3:

Submit the Commissioned Form You can submit the commissioned form either to: EACC Office, or Huduma Centre.

On submission, you’ll be left with one copy while the other will go to EACC. Use the remaining copy when going to the job interview or where the clearance was requested.

EACC will provide details of your clearance to the office where the clearance was requested therefore no certificate is issued.

To submit to an EACC Office, drop the form at the Head EACC Office located at the Integrity Centre in Nairobi or at any of the EACC Regional Offices in Mombasa, Kisumu, Nyeri, Eldoret, and Garissa.

EACC contacts

1. Nairobi

  • Integrity Centre, Valley Road/Milimani Junction
  • P.O. Box 61130 – 00200, Nairobi
  • Tel: (020) 2717318; 2720722; 2100312 / 3
  • Mobile: 0729 888881 / 2 / 3; 0736 996600 / 33
  • Fax: (020) 2717473
  • Email address: eacc@integrity.go.ke
  • Website: www.eacc.go.ke
  • Hotline: (020) 2717468; 0727 285663; 0733 520641
  • Hot fax: (020) 2717473
  • Report Center email: report@integrity.go.ke

2. Mombasa

Office Mobile No.:    0710 768706 or Tel: 041 2319081 / 2

3. Kisumu

Office Mobile No:    0715 408512 or Tel: 057 2023111

4. Garissa

Office Mobile No.:    0729 480404; 0737 994444

5. Nyeri

Office Mobile No.:    0703 204580; 0789 665500

6. Eldoret

Office Mobile No.:    0703 602727; 0789 776600