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How to make a Kenyan lady fall for you easily


The desire to hve someone of opposite gender to love you and share with you romantic feelings is always a priority to many. However, getting a partner is not just a walk in the park asit is quite hard to convince someone to love you. It is by default or rather natural law that it is men who initiate the process of dating and even mariage. Here are some tips to make a lady love you;

Give her money

It all starts here. Ladies are nowadays living for social media and they willstrive as hard as possible to live like those they see on the apps. So they need money to buy themselves clothes and other accessories. If you want to win her, be her source of income.

Take her out

Kenyan ladies are always thrilled with being taken out. If you have identified the one you want, try to impress her and one way of impressing them is to take her out and have dinner. This will leave a good impression of you on her.

Take her shopping

There is nothing that ladies love more than good stuffs. If you are heavily loaded in your pocket then organize a shopping date and let her buy stuffs of her choice.

Buy her gifts

Just like babies, ladies like gifts. Once in a while buy her a gift of soemthimg she has been longing for and surprise her with. She will easily make you have her so as to get more of the gifts.

Birthday parties

One thing Kenyan ladies takes serious is her birthday. That is why she would be hyping the `birthday loading` thing even two months before so that she can get more attention on that day. Use the opportunity to surprise her with a birthday party.

Give her attention

Ladies are like babies who just be constantly checked up on. Keep her in your schedule and call her to just tell her nothing serious other than just telling her you were checking up on her. This way she will feel you are caring.

Appreciate her beauty

As long as you want her, make her know she is the best woman you ever seen by complimenting her beauty. This will boost her self esteem and she will see you as someone who really knows her better.

Be there for her

As a man, if you want a lady be ready to avail yourself for her especially in her times of stress. Thia will increase her confidence in you.


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