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How To Link Your Decoder to StarTimes ON App

Decoder to StarTimes ON App

StarTimes ON is Africa’s driving video gushing assistance for observing live TV, TV scenes, films, live games, and TV appears on your telephone. It offers the best video watching experience anyplace, whenever. With the StarTimes app, you can in a flash watch a great many universal TV series, Hollywood blockbusters, nearby TV appears, most recent breaking news, huge amounts of kids content and the most foreseen football coordinate. You can set up an update for your preferred football match, shows, and movie. You additionally get a simple self-administration interface to connect your savvy card, pay and top-up the bill with barely any taps. You can connect your Decoder to StarTimes ON App.

How to link StarTimes decoder to StarTimes ON app

Here is how to link the StarTimes decoder to StarTimes ON app.

  1. Download the StarTimes ON app from Play Store or App Store
  2. Choose ‘Me’ and tap on ‘Sign in’
  3. Choose ‘Register’
  4. Enter your phone number or email address to get verification code, then choose ‘Next’
  5. Enter a password, then choose ‘Next’
  6. Answer a security question or skip it if not interested
  7. Enter your password and tap on ‘Sign in’
  8. Choose ‘StarTimes Decoder Service’
  9. Choose ‘Link’
  10. Enter your decoder’s smart card and the last 6 digits of your S/N number, then tap on ‘Link’
  11. You will get a notification that your decoder has been linked successfully with the StarTimes ON app

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StarTimes ON features

StarTimes ON offers you the following features.

  1. Live football – Watch your favorite football leagues live for absolutely free of charge
  2. Live TV – StarTimes ON offers you channels from breaking news, live TV shows, soccer match, kids programs, dramas and series to movies
  3. Movies – Watch high-quality movies for free. From Nollywood to Hollywood, from Kong Fu to local dramas. StarTimes ON is covering all different types of movies like action, sci-fi, comedy, thrill, romance, and horror
  4. Dramas – StarTimes ON collects the best dramas from the whole world to keep you entertained
  5. TV shows and News – StarTimes ON also creates popular reality shows. Additionally, get updated with the latest news from both local and international news channels
  6. Short videos – Watch the most popular videos that went viral on the internet
  7. Kids – StarTimes ON is a family-friendly app with high quality and educational kids programs