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How to last long on bed | 5 things to do to last long during sex


One thing that men are afraid of is taking very short time on bed during sexual intercourse. This always leave men embarrassed as their partner may nickname them ‘one minute man’. This term is so common among the young generations who are the most active in the bed activity. Here are ways to avoid being a one minute man;

  • Distract your mind

While on the act, it is advisable to keep your mind away from sexual things. Make your mind roam over things that will not make your hormones to react so quick.

  • Do a foreplay

Men tend to get sexually aroused so fast unlike women. This has always led to a situation where a man finishes so quick leaving the lady unsatisfied. It is therefore good to engage in seductive activities before doing the penetrative sex to last longer.

  • Be Slow

If you as a man go so quick on the act, you are likely to ejaculate quickly. Going slow but in a measured way will help you to control the ejaculation leading to a longer and satisfying sex.

  • Use Condoms

Use of condom not only helps in preventing STIs but also improves the quality of sex. Them acting as barrier will reduce the sensitivity making one to take long before ejaculating.

  • Masturbate

Even though many people discourage the act of masturbation, it is believed to be having health benefits. It will increase your stamina and help you take longer.

  • Communicate with her

Try and make some out of topic talks with your lover during sex to help distract both of you from the activity.

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