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How to join Threads


Meta, the corporation behind Facebook and Instagram, has launched Threads, a new competitor to Twitter. The app is tied to Instagram, but users can submit up to 500 characters of text, five minutes of video, links, and photographs.

The app went live at midnight on Thursday, and Mark Zuckerberg said there were two million sign-ups in only two hours.

How to have a Threads account

– You must first have an Instagram account in order to join Threads.

– The Threads must then be downloaded using your phone or tablet.

– Your Threads account will then ask you if you want to import your Instagram bio, if you want a public or private account, and who you want to follow.

– Choose whether or not to allow alerts, and your account is activated.

Someone’s app feed includes posts from people they follow as well as recommended content from creators they are unfamiliar with.

Threads postings can be shared as a link on other platforms as well as on a user’s Instagram story.

On the new app, users can manage who mentions them and who may reply to them; answers to threads containing specified terms can be filtered out; and other users can be unfollowed, blocked, restricted, and reported.

Any accounts that a user has prohibited on Instagram will be blocked automatically on the new app.

Like on Instagram can follow and connect with friends and influencers with similar interests. In the UK, all under 18s will be defaulted onto a private profile when they join. Someone’s feed on the app includes threads from people they follow as well as recommended content from creators they have not yet heard of.

Threads posts can be shared on a user’s Instagram story and as a link on other platforms.

People can control who mentions them and who can reply to them on the new app, replies to threads containing specific words can be filtered out and other users can be unfollowed, blocked, restricted and reported.

Any accounts a user has blocked on Instagram will automatically be blocked on the new app.

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