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How to join NYS, What is needed to join NYS


The National Youth Service (NYS) is a government body that is  focused on training youths in order to acquire some skills that can be helpful in their daily life apart from trainings that enable them get employed. NYS body was formed in 1964. Former President Uhuru Kenyatta restructured NYS in 2014.

Joining the NYS is just as competitive just like joining security forces such as police service or military. There are several factors that are considered and any applicant mur ensure they adhere to the requirements before applying so as not to fail in their attempt to join NYS. Here are some of the basic mistakes that an applicant should avoid,

  • One needs to apply on time, waiting for the deadline may just complicate the attempt of joining due to panic and confusion.
  • It is advisable to do the application processes alone so that you avoid mistakes in your data
  • Being updated concerning the application
  • Ensure you supply all the necessary requirements
  • Take time to cross-check your details before submission.
  • Candidates are to apply for one job position, Candidates who attempt to apply multiple times will have their application disqualified
  • The online application is free.

One important thing to not is that the Kenya National Youth Service recruitment is free  and does not require you to pay any money for its application form. Report anyone demanding money from you in the form of quick entrance into the NYS recruitment. Recruitment of youth to join the NYS is carried out twice a year.

Those applying to the NYS must consider the following,

  • Is a Kenyan citizen and resident of the respective County of recruitment.
  • Must undergo a Medical check-up during and after the recruitment exercise.
  • Be prepared to give voluntary service to the Nation in any part of Kenya.
  • Be prepared to undergo rigorous physical training.
  • Produce Original National Identity Card, Academic Certificates (and avail one set of photocopies of the same at the recruitment centre).
  • Must have Certificate of Good Conduct
  • Must be between 18 – 24 years old (both ages inclusive).
  • Have a mean Grade of D plain and above in KCSE.
  • Orphans who meet the qualification requirements as stated above will be given special preference subject to production of sufficient documentary proof such as parents’ death certificates or burial permits.
  • People living with Disability are also encouraged to avail themselves for the recruitment exercise in their respective sub counties.

One may wonder how to join, the notice below will  give you guidelines on how to go through the process.

How To Join The Kenya National Youth Service


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